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Øyvind Østerud (Photo: Dept. of Political Science, UiO) Øyvind Østerud (Chairman) (2014-2017)
   Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo.
   President, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (2008-2011)
Bjørn Tore Godal (Photo: IFS) Bjørn Tore Godal (2013-2016)
   Senior Adviser, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS).
   Board member, Statoil.
   Former minister of foreign affairs and defence.
Anne Louise Koefoed Anne Louise Koefoed (2014-2017)
   Principal Researcher with DNV GL Strategic Research and Innovation, Climate Change programme.
Ann Therese Lotherington (Photo: UiN) Ann Therese Lotherington (2013-2016)
   Director, Centre for Women's and Gender Research, University of Tromsø.
Christian Fredrik Michelet (Photo: Arntzen de Besche) Christian Fredrik Michelet (2014-2017)
   Partner, Arntzen de Besche
Pål Wilter Skedsmo Pål Wilter Skedsmo (2015-2018)
   Research Fellow, Fridtjof Nansen Institute (staff representative)

Sverre Lodgaard.  Photo: NUPI Sverre Lodgaard (Chairman) (2015-2018)
   Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)
Nils Bøhmer, Managing Director (2013-2016)
Sverre Diesen (2015-2018)
Else Berit Eikeland, Polar Advisor (2013-2016)
Rasmus Hansson, MoP (2013-2016)
Anne Lene W. Hojem, City Councillor (2015-2018)
Kjetil Høyer, Master of Science (2013-2016)
John-Mikal Størdal, Director General (2013-2016)
Liv Monica Stubholt, Partner (2015-2018)
Gry Synnevåg, Head of Department (2013-2016)
Kåre Willoch (2014-2017)
Jan-Gunnar Winther, Director (2013-2016)
Pål Wilter Skedsmo, Research Fellow (staff representative) (2015-2018)
 The Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) is an independent foundation engaged in research on international environmental, energy, and resource management politics and law.
The Institute maintains a multi-disciplinary approach, with main emphasis on political science, economics, and international law.

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