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The Fridtjof Nansen Institute is located at Lysaker, just west of Oslo's city limits. If there are no traffic problems, it will take 10-15 minutes to drive by car from downtown Oslo. Bus # 31 connects Lysaker with the city centre with around 10 departures pr. hour. It takes approximately 15 minutes, followed by a 5-minute walk. By train, it takes 10 minutes to Lysaker Station, followed by a 15-minute walk.


Travel instructions

From Oslo City centre:

By car: Drive E18 westward towards 'Drammen'. At Lysaker, follow signs towards 'Fornebu'. At the first traffic light, turn left towards 'Lagåsen', then to the right in the first roundabout. Follow signs to 'Fridtjof Nansens Institutt'. (See also the blue dots on the map above.)

By bus: Take bus # 31 bound for 'Snarøya' or 'Fornebu' (approx. 10 departures pr. hour), and get off at 'Lilløyveien' (the first bus stop after Lysaker). Pass under the road through the pedestrian tunnel and turn right. After about 100 m you will see signs pointing to the left up Parkveien towards 'Fridtjof Nansens Institutt'.

By train: Take a westbound local train from Oslo city centre and get off at Lysaker Station. From here you can take a taxi, take bus # 31 bound for 'Snarøya' or 'Fornebu' to the next bus stop (see above), or you can walk (see below).

By foot from Lysaker Railway Station: It is slightly complicated to walk to FNI from Lysaker station. However, if you don't get lost on the way, the walk should take approximately 15 minutes:

Leave the station by the south exit, turn right, and follow the pedestrian road along the edge of the station area. After approximately 100 m you will come to a roundabout. There, continue upwards to the left. After another 100 m (and two more roundabouts) you will see stairs straight ahead (to the left of the tunnel entrance). Walk up the stairs, and go to the left. After 20 m, turn to the right, up a short but steep pedestrian road. There you will see a road called 'Fridtjof Nansens vei' going up to the right. Follow this winding road for about 1 km, and you will see a sign on your left pointing towards 'Fridtjof Nansens Institutt'. (See also the pink dots on the map above.)

From Oslo Gardermoen Airport:

Take the Airport Express Train ('Flytoget') bound for 'Drammen' and get off at Lysaker Station. From there, take a taxi, bus # 31 (bound for 'Snarøya' or 'Fornebu') to the next bus stop or walk (see instructions above).
FNI contact details:

Mail address:
The Fridtjof Nansen Institute
P.O.Box 326
1326 Lysaker, Norway

Visiting address:
Fridtjof Nansens vei 17
1366 Lysaker, Norway

Telephone, fax and e-mail:
Telephone: (+47) 67111900
Fax: (+47) 67111910
E-mail: post (

Media enquiries:
Information Officer Claes Lykke Ragner
+47 67111918 / claes.ragner (

Contacting individual employees:
See Staff list for contact details

Fridtjof Nansen Institute
P.O. Box 326, 1326 Lysaker, Norway. Tel: (+47) 67111900 / E-mail: post (