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Arild Moe

Arild MoePosition at FNI: Acting Director / Senior Research Fellow

Academic background
Cand. polit., University of Oslo, 1983 (political science, Russian, public law)

Main research interests
Russian oil and gas industry; the regional dimension in the Russian petroleum sector; offshore activities in the Barents Sea. Russian climate politics; Arctic politics; Norwegian policy in the High North; Svalbard (Spitsbergen); Arctic shipping.

Major publications

Moe, Arild, 'The Northern Sea Route: Smooth Sailing Ahead?' Strategic Analysis, Vol 38, No 6, 2014, pp. 784-802.

Claes, Dag Harald and Arild Moe, 'Arctic Petroleum Resources in a Regional and Global Perspective'. In Rolf Tamnes and Kristine Offerdal (eds), Geopolitics and Security in the Arctic. London, Routledge, 2014, pp. 97-120.

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Kryukov, Valeriy and Arild Moe, 'Oil Industry Structure and Developments in the Resource Base: Increasing Contradictions?' In Jakub M Godzimirski (ed), Russian Energy in a Changing World: What is the Outlook for the Hydrocarbons Superpower? Farnham, Ashgate, 2013, pp. 35-56.

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Moe, Arild, 'Sjtokman-beslutningen: Forklaringer og implikasjoner' ('The Shtokman Decision: Explanations and Implications'). Nordisk Østforum, Vol 20, No 4, 2006, pp. 389-403. In Norwegian.

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Recent commentary articles:

Moe, Arild, 'L’Arctique est sur l’agenda de la Chine, mais parmi de nombreux autres sujets' ('The Arctic is on China's Agenda, but One Amongst Many'), l'Humanité, 28.11.2014. In French.

Moe, Arild, 'Russian Oil: Challenges and Possibilities', Oxford Energy Forum, August 2014.

Eikeland, Per Ove and Arild Moe (interview), 'I skjebnefellesskap med Russland' ('The Ukrainian Crisis and Gas: Norway Shares Fate with Russia'), Energi og Klima, 11.04.2014. In Norwegian.

Moe, Arild, 'Po tonkomu l'du' ('On Thin Ice'), Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 13.12.2011. In Russian.

Moe, Arild and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'Delelinja – er alt nå på stell?' ('The Delimitation Line – Is Everything Now in Order?'), Nordlys, 07.12.2010. In Norwegian.

Moe, Arild, 'Shtokman – fortsatt interessant' ('Shtokman – Still of Interest'), Nordlys, 29.03.2010. In Norwegian.

Moe, Arild and Lars Rowe, 'Russian Shipbuilding – Is a Rapid Turnaround Possible?', Baltic Rim Economies, No 5, 31 October, 2008.
Contact details
   (+47) 67111927 (

 Related focal points of research

   Arctic and Russian politics
  European energy and environmental politics
   Climate change

 Important ongoing projects

The AsiArctic Programme

Russian Oil and Gas: Adaptation or Resistance? (PETROSAM2)

Russian Climate Policy: Domestic Dynamics and International Ramifications.

 Important past projects

Russian and Caspian Energy Developments and Their Implications for Norway and Norwegian Actors (RUSSCASP) (2008-2013)

Geopolitics in the High North: Climate Change, Energy Development, and Environmental Protection (2008-2013)

Joint Implementation in the CIS: Market, Projects and Barriers

Scenarios for the Development of Barents Russia

Oil Companies and the New Petroleum Provinces: Ethics, Business and Politics

Russian Energy and Global Climate: Green Investment Strategies for Co-operation on Climate and Energy

 Recent relevant FNI News

The Arctic: An Energy and Climate Paradox (27.08.2012)

 Recent media coverage

'Fridtjof Nansen Institute: Specialises on international environmental, energy and resource management politics', Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, No 2, 01.02.2015.

'Western Sanctions Sap Allure of Russia's Arctic Shipping Route', The Moscow Times, 22.01.2015.

'Et russisk puslespill: Hvor er Russland på vei etter 15 år med Putin?' ('A Russian jigsaw: Where is Russia heading after !5 years with Putin?'), Nord24, 31.12.2014. In Norwegian.

'– Nordleg sjørute ingen ny Suezkanal' ('– The Northern Sea Route Is No New Suez Canal'), BarentsWatch, 16.12.2014. In Norwegian.

'Gruvekutt rokker ikke ved maktbalansen på Svalbard' ('Mine Cut will not Change Svalbard Power Balance'), E24, 26.11.2014. In Norwegian.

'Kina trånar efter norsk polarolja' ('China Yearns for Norwegian Polar Oil'),, 14.11.2014. In Swedish.

'Norway Embraces Chinese Cash in Race for Arctic Oil Riches', Bloomberg Businessweek, 13.112014.

'Verdens største gasselskap snuser på norsk sokkel' ('World's Largest Gas Company Interested in the Norwegian Continental Shelf'),, 30.10.2014. In Norwegian.

'Russian billionaire gains offshore foothold',, 23.10.2014.

'Russer inntar norsk sokkel' ('Russian Gains Foothold on the Norwegian Continental Shelf'), Dagsavisen, 23.10.2014. In Norwegian.

'- Sanksjoner innen olje og gass gir Europa et dilemma' ('-Oil and Gas Sanctions Pose a Dilemma for Europe'), E24, 08.09.2014. In Norwegian.

'Greenpeace targets Gazprom through Shell in the Arctic', European Energy Review, 14.08.2014.

'Oligarker frykter isolasjon' ('Oligarchs Fear Isolation'), Dagens Næringsliv, 22.07.2014. In Norwegian.

'Nordic Cooperative Stance Bolstered by Ukraine Crisis', DefenseNews, 10.06.2014.

FNI Conference in Shanghai: Asian Countries and the Arctic Future (23.05.2014)

'Putin reluctant to strike back against US following sanctions', Barents Observer, 30.04.2014.

'Arktis: Profitjagt sikrer fred men truer befolkning med katastrofe' ('The Arctic: Profit Quest Secures Peace but Threatens Population with Catastrophe'), Ræson, 14.04.2014. In Danish.

'«Jeg må vel droppe ferien min i Sibir»' ('«I Guess I'll Have to Cancel my Siberian Vacation»'), Nettavisen, 21.03.2014. In Norwegian.

'Krim-krise kan fryse norsk-russisk samarbeid' ('The Crimea Crisis May Freeze Norwegian-Russian Cooperation'), Dagsavisen, 20.03.2014. In Norwegian.

'Schnelle Hilfe aus dem Norden' ('Swift Help from the North'), Süddeutsche Zeitung, 12.03.2014. In German.

'Gassen er Putins trumfkort' ('Gas Is Putin's Trump Card'), Aftenposten, 07.03.2014. In Norwegian.

'Ekspert mener verdens største gassfelt til havs kan bli liggende urørt' ('Expert Thinks World's Largest Offshore Gas Field May Be Left Untouched'), E24, 05.02.2014. In Norwegian.

'Riski sudokhodstva po Sevmorputi uvelichivayutsya - Norvegiya' ('Risks associated with shipping on the Northern Sea Route are increasing - Norway '), Rusenergy, 30.01.2014. In Russian.

'Debate on Arctic shipping heats up', BarentsObserver, 20.01.2014.

'Antarctica and the Arctic: A polar primer for the new great game', The Christian Science Monitor, 12.01.2014.

'The Extraordinary Evolution of the Global Gas Industry', Review of Environment, Energy and Economics, 12.12.2013.

'Fedynskyhøyden: Her kan Norge måtte dele gassen med Russland' ('The Fedynsky High: This Is Where Norway May Have to Share Gas with Russia'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 13.11.2013. In Norwegian.

'Russerne tror ikke på klimaendringer' ('The Russians Don't Believe in Climate Change'), CICERO News, 05.11.2013. In Norwegian.

'Her er den mest kontroversielle plattformen i Arktis' ('This is the Most Controversial Platform in the Arctic'), E24, 17.10.2013. In Norwegian.

'Tør Jagland å gi henne fredsprisen?' ('Will Jagland Dare Give the Nobel Peace Prize to Ludmila Alexeyeva?'), Nettavisen, 10.10.2013. In Norwegian.

'Conference in New Delhi analyzes Asia-Arctic linkages', Foreign Policy Blogs, 07.10.2013.

'Granitsa v Barentsevom more: zhazhda nefti ni pri chyom' ('The Barents Sea Border Has Nothing to Do with Oil Thirst'), Neft' Rossii, 13.08.2013. In Russian.

'Oil hunger not reason for Barents treaty', BarentsObserver, 12.08.2013.

'Haster å få på plass rammene for skipsfart i Arktis' ('Urgent to Get in Place the Framework for Arctic Shipping'), Norwegian Maritime Authority, 23.04.2013. In Norwegian.

'- De investerte som om de spilte kasino' ('Cyprus: - They Invested as if in a Casino'), E24, 20.03.2014. In Norwegian.

'Statoil i Wintershall obsuzhdayut vozmozhnost' bureniya skvazhin v rayone morskoy granitsy mezhdu Norvegiey i Rossiey' ('Statoil and Wintershall are discussing the possibility of drilling in the border region between Norway and Russia'), Rusenergy, 21.02.2013. In Russian.

'Deutschland und Norwegen feilen an Energiepartnerschaft' (Germany and Norway Longs for an Energy Partnership'), Business, 20.02.2013. In German.

'Merkel til Oslo for å snakke om energi med Stoltenberg' ('Merkel to Oslo to Talk with Stoltenberg about Energy'), NRK, 20.02.2013. In Norwegian.

'Forsker på asiatisk interesse for Arktis' ('Research on Asian Interest in the Arctic'), RCN News, 13.02.2013. In Norwegian.

'- Russlands opptreden i Arktis blir misforstått' (- Russia's Behaviour in the Arctic Is Misunderstood'), RCN News, 08.02.2013. In Norwegian.

'Avblåser arktisk olje- og gassbonaza til havs' ('Cancels Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Bonanza'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 28.01.2013. In Norwegian.

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