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Anne-Kristin Jørgensen

Anne-Kristin JørgensenPosition at FNI: Research Fellow

Academic background
Cand. Polit., University of Oslo, 1999 (political science, Russian, Serbo-Croat)

Professional experience
   Counsellor for Fisheries, Embassy of Norway in Moscow (2002-2006).
   Interpreter (1988-1992) and Inspector (1992-1995) for the Norwegian Coast Guard.

Main research interests
   The Barents Sea fisheries
   Russian fisheries management

Major publications

Jørgensen, Anne-Kristin and Geir Hønneland, Felles hav, felles utfordringer: En sammenligning av rammevilkårene for fiskerivirksomheten i Norge og Russland ('Common Sea, Common Challenges: A Comparison of Framework Conditions for the Fishery Sector in Norway and Russia. FNI Report 7/2015. Lysaker, FNI, 2015, 82 p., in Norwegian (The Russian version of the report is found here.)

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'Kompromisskulturen i Barentshavet' ('The Compromise Culture in the Barents Sea'). In Tormod Heier & Anders Kjølberg (eds), Norge og Russland: sikkerhetspolitiske utfordringer i nordområdene. Oslo, Universitetsforlaget, 2015, pp. 57-68. In Norwegian.

Jørgensen, Anne-Kristin and Geir Hønneland, 'In cod we trust: Konjunkturer i det norsk-russiske fiskerisamarbeidet' ('In Cod We Trust: Trends in Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Relations'). Nordisk Østforum, Vol 27, No 4, 2013, pp. 353-376. In Norwegian.

Jørgensen, Anne-Kristin, 'Tendentsii v rossiyskom rybolovstve' ('Developments in Russian Fisheries'). EKO, No 5, 2010, pp. 58-75. In Russian.

Jørgensen, Anne-Kristin, 'Recent Developments in the Russian Fisheries Sector'. In Wilson Rowe, Elana (ed), Russia and the North. Ottawa, University of Ottawa Press, 2009, pp. 87-106.

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, Implementing International Environmental Agreements in Russia. Manchester University Press, 2003, 176 p.

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'Implementing International Environmental Agreements in Russia: Lessons from Fisheries Management, Nuclear Safety and Air Pollution Control'. Global Environmental Politics, Vol 3, No 1, 2003, pp. 72-98.

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, Vårt bilde av russerne. 25 debattinnlegg om samarbeidet i nord ('How We View the Russians. 25 Contributions to the Debate about Cooperation in the North'). Kristiansand, Høyskoleforlaget, 2002, 120 p. In Norwegian.

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'Implementing International Fisheries Agreements in Russia – Lessons from the Northern Basin'. Marine Policy, Vol 26, No 5, 2002, pp. 359-367.

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'Implementing Russia's International Environmental Commitments: Federal Prerogative or Regional Concern?' Europe-Asia Studies, Vol 54, No 8, 2002, pp. 1223-1240.

Moe, Arild and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'Offshore Mineral Development in the Barents Sea'. Post Soviet Geography and Economics, Vol 41, No 2, 2000, pp 98-133.

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, Integration vs. Autonomy: Civil-Military relations on the Kola peninsula. Ashgate, 1999, 214 p.

Jørgensen, Anne-Kristin, Norsk og russisk fiskerikontroll i Barentshavet - en sammenligning med hensyn til effektivitet. MA thesis, University of Oslo 1999.

Hønneland, Geir, Anne-Kristin Jørgensen and Kit Kovacs, Barents Sea Ecoregion Reconnaissance Report. FNI Report 12/1999. Lysaker, Fridtjof Nansen Institute, 1999, 118 p.

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'A Cross-Border Perspective on a North Russian Gateway'. Post-Soviet Geography and Economics, Vol 40, No 1, 1999, pp. 44-61.

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'Closed Cities on the Kola Peninsula: From Autonomy to Integration?'. Polar Geography, Vol 22, No 4, 1998, pp. 231-248.

Hønneland, Geir and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'Kolahalvøyas lukkede byer: Fra autonomi til integrasjon?' ('The Closed Cities of the Kola Peninsula: From Autonomy to Integration?'). Internasjonal Politikk, Vol 56, No 3, 1998, pp. 445-467. In Norwegian.

Jørgensen, Anne-Kristin, Claes Lykke Ragner and Willy Østreng, Infrastructure in the European Arctic: Challenges for Norway. FNI Report 14/1998. Lysaker, Fridtjof Nansen Institute, 1998, 24 p.

Recent commentary articles

Moe, Arild and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen, 'Delelinja – er alt nå på stell?' ('The Delimitation Line – Is Everything Now in Order?'), Nordlys, 07.12.2010. In Norwegian.

Jørgensen, Anne-Kristin, 'Fiskerisamarbeid gir resultater' ('Norwegian-Russian Fishery Cooperation Yields Results'), Nordlys, 29 August 2009. In Norwegian.
Contact details

   (+47) 67111939
   ank (

 Related focal points of research

   Arctic and Russian politics
   Law of the Sea and marine affairs

 Important ongoing projects

Post-Agreement Bargaining in the Barents Sea Fisheries: Strategies for Coping with Overfishing

The Individual and the State in Russia (INSTARUSS): Self-Images, Coping Strategies, Civil Society.

Important past projects

Federal Russian Politics: Modernizing Northern Economies (FEDRUP) (2011-2014)

Common Sea, Common Challenges (2015)

 Parallel Norwegian-Russian Audit Regarding the Management of the Fish Resources of the Barents Sea (2006-2007)

 Recent media coverage

'- Kaldere politisk klima rammer ikke fiskerisamarbeidet' ('- A colder political climate does not affect Norwegian-Russian fisheries cooperation'), Kyst og Fjord, 16.09.2015. In Norwegian.

'Varmere hav og kaldere politisk klima' ('Varmere hav og kaldere politisk klima'), Norwegian Fishermen's Association News, 15.09.2015. In Norwegian.

'Gjenytelser i møtet med myndighetene' ('Return Favours when Encountering the Authorities in Russia'), NORRUSS Newsletter, 23.04.2015. In Norwegian.

'Svovelutslippene vil fortsette' ('The Sulphur Emissions Will Continue'), NRK Nordnytt, 04.06.2014. In Norwegian.

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