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Irja Vormedal

Irja VormedalPosition: Senior Research Fellow

Academic background
   Ph.D. Political Science, UiO. Dissertation: States and Markets in Global Environmental Governance: Dynamics and Change in the Regulation of Global Warming (2011).
   Msc Environmental Policy, Planning and Regulation, London School of Economics (LSE) (2006).
   Bsc International Relations, LSE (2004).

Professional experience
   Research Fellow, Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) (2007-2011).
   Visiting Research Scholar, The MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change (2009).
   Researcher, Program for Research and Documentation for a Sustainable Society (ProSus), Uio (2005-2007).

Main research interests
Global environmental politics and governance, business strategies and environmental regulation, sustainable aquaculture and development policy.

Major publications

Vormedal, Irja and Leiv Lunde, Development Beyond Aid: Global Challenges and National Reform. Report for The Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM), 2015.

Vormedal, Irja and Leiv Lunde, Climate Change, Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Management (CEEN) in Development Policy: Addressing Knowledge Needs and Gaps in Norwegian ODA-Funded Research Support. Expert Group Report. Oslo, Research Council of Norway, 2014.

Vormedal, Irja, 'States and Markets in Global Environmental Governance: the Role of Tipping Points in International Regime Formation'. European Journal of International Relations, Vol 18, No 2, 2012.

Vormedal, Irja, 'From Foe to Friend? Business, The Tipping Point and US Climate Politics'. Business and Politics, Issue 3, 2011.

Vormedal, Irja and Audun Ruud, 'Sustainability Reporting in Norway - An Assessment of Performance in the Context of Legal Demands and Socio-Political Drivers'. Business Strategy and the Environment, Vol 18, 2009, pp 207-222.

Vormedal, Irja, 'The Influence of Business and Industry NGOs in the Negotiation of the Kyoto Mechanisms: The Case of Carbon Capture and Storage in the CDM'. Global Environmental Politics, Vol 8, No 4, 2008.

Vormedal, Irja, Business Influence in Global Governance for Sustainable Development: Assessing the role of the WBCSD. ProSus Report 10/2005. Oslo, ProSus, 2005, 46 p.

Vormedal, Irja, Governance through Learning: The UN Global Compact and Corporate Responsibility. ProSus Report 7/2005. Oslo, ProSus, 2005, 43 p.
 Contact details
    (+47) 67111944
   irv (

 Related focal points of research

   Global environmental governance and law

 Important ongoing projects

Designing Effective Management Systems for Aquaculture: Innovation and Sustainable Development

Policy Coherence for Development in Norway

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'- Hva driver en ustemt politikk for utvikling?' ('- What drives incoherence in development policy?'), Politikkavisen, 21.08.2015. In Norwegian.

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