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Lars H. Gulbrandsen

Lars H.Position at FNI: Deputy Director / Research Professor / Director of FNI's Global Governance and Sustainable Development Programme.

Academic background
   Full professor competence, 2013
   Ph.D., University of Oslo, 2009 (political science).
   Cand.polit., University of Oslo, 2001 (political science).
   M.Sc., London School of Economics, 1998 (organisational and social psychology).

Professional experience
   Member of the editorial board of Global Environmental Politics.
   Visiting Scholar, Center for International Development, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA (2007).
   Senior Research Fellow FNI (since 2005).
   Research Fellow FNI (2002-2005).
   Researcher FNI (2001-2002).
   Research Assistant FNI (2000-2001).
   External examiner, Dept. of Political Science, University of Oslo (since 2004).
   Part-time lecturer in research methods and statistics (student courses), Dept. of Political Science, University of Oslo (2000-2001).

Main research interests
Environmental and resource management politics, with a particular focus on market-based policy instruments, non-state governance, corporate social responsibility, international regimes, and the relationship between science and politics in environmental governance. Current substantive foci include eco-labelling; oil companies and social responsibility; and forest, biodiversity, and climate change politics.

Selected publications


Skjærseth, Jon Birger, Per Ove Eikeland, Lars H. Gulbrandsen and Torbjørg Jevnaker, Linking EU Climate and Energy Policies: Decision-making, Implementation and Reform. Cheltenham (UK), Edward Elgar, 2016, 265 p.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H., Transnational Environmental Governance: The Emergence and Effects of the Certification of Forests and Fisheries. Cheltenham, UK/Northampton (MA), USA, Edward Elgar, 2010 (Hardback) / 2012 (Paperback), 213 p.

Journal articles and book chapters

Gulbrandsen, Lars H. and Graeme Auld,'Contested Accountability Logics in Evolving Nonstate Certification for Fisheries Sustainability'. Global Environmental Politics, Vol 16, No 2, 2016, pp. 42-60.

Auld, Graeme and Lars H. Gulbrandsen, 'Diversifying Nature Protection: Evaluating the Changing Tools for Forest Protection in Canada and Norway'. Review of Policy Research, Vol 32, No 6, 2015, pp. 699-722

Gulbrandsen, Lars H. and Ole Kristian Fauchald, 'Assessing the New York Declaration on Forests from a trade perspective'. BIORES, Vol 9, No 4, 2015, pp. 4-7.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H. and Anne Raaum Christensen. 'EU Legislation to Reduce Carbon Emissions from Cars: Intergovernmental or Supranational Policy-Making?' Review of Policy Research, Vol 31, No 6, 2014, pp. 503-528

Gulbrandsen, Lars H. and Geir Hønneland, 'Fisheries Certification in Russia: The Emergence of Non-State Authority in a Postcommunist Economy'. Ocean Development & International Law, Vol 45, No 4, 2014, pp. 341-359.

Auld, Graeme and Lars H. Gulbrandsen , 'Learning through Disclosure: The Evolving Importance of Transparency in the Practice of Nonstate Certification'. In Aarti Gupta and Michael Mason (eds), Transparency in Global Environmental Governance: Critical Perspectives. Cambridge (USA), MIT Press, 2014, pp. 271-296.

Fauchald, Ole Kristian, Lars H. Gulbrandsen and Anna Zachrisson, 'Internationalization of Protected Areas in Norway and Sweden: Examining Pathways of Influence in Similar Countries'. International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services and Management, available online 11.07.2014.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H., 'Dynamic Governance Interactions: Evolutionary Effects of State Responses to Non-State Certification Programs'. Regulation & Governance, Vol 8, No 1, 2014, pp. 74-92.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H. and Christian Stenqvist, 'Pulp and Paper Industry'. In Jon Birger Skjærseth and Per Ove Eikeland (eds), Corporate Responses to EU Emissions Trading: Resistance, Innovation or Responsibility? Farnham (UK), Ashgate, 2013, pp. 127-164.

Auld, Graeme and Lars H. Gulbrandsen. 'Private Regulation in Global Environmental Governance'. In R. Falkner (ed), The Handbook of Global Climate and Environment Policy, Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell, 2013, pp. 394-411.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H. and Christian Stenqvist, 'The limited Effect of EU Emissions Trading on Corporate Climate Strategies: Comparison of a Swedish and a Norwegian Pulp and Paper Company', Energy Policy, Vol 56, May 2013, pp. 516-525.

Fauchald, Ole Kristian and Lars H. Gulbrandsen, 'The Norwegian Reform of Protected Area Management: A Grand Experiment with Delegation of Authority?' Local Environment, Vol 17, No 2, 2012, pp. 203-222.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H., 'International Forest Politics: Intergovernmental Failure, Non-Governmental Success?' In Steinar Andresen, Elin Lerum Boasson and Geir Hønneland (eds), International Environmental Agreements: An Introduction. London/New York, Routledge, 2012, pp. 151-169.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H., Steinar Andresen and Jon Birger Skjærseth, 'Non-State Actors and Environmental Governance: Comparing Multinational, Supranational and Transnational Rule Making'. In Reinalda, Bob (ed), The Ashgate Research Companion to Non-State Actors. Aldershot, Ashgate, 2011, pp. 463-475.

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Auld, Graeme and Lars H. Gulbrandsen, 'Transparency in Nonstate Certification: Consequences for Accountability and Legitimacy'. Global Environmental Politics, Vol 10, No 3, 2010, pp. 97-119.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H., 'The Emergence and Effectiveness of the Marine Stewardship Council'. Marine Policy, Vol 33, No 4, 2009, pp. 654-660.

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Gulbrandsen, Lars H., 'Organizing Accountability in Transnational Standards Organizations: The Forest Stewardship Council as a Good Governance Model'. In Boström, Magnus and Christina Garsten (eds), Organizing Transnational Accountability. Cheltenham (UK)/Northhampton (USA), Edward Elgar, 2008, pp. 61-79.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H., 'Accountability Arrangements in Non-State Standards Organizations: Instrumental Design and Imitation'. Organization, Vol 15, No 4, 2008, pp. 563-583.

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Wettestad, Jørgen and Lars H.Gulbrandsen, The Evolution of Carbon Trading Systems: Waves, Design and Diffusion. FNI Report 9/2015. Lysaker, FNI, 2015, 40 p.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H. and Jon Birger Skjærseth, Implementing the EU 2020 Climate and Energy Package in the Netherlands: Mixed Instruments, Mixed Results. FNI Report 10/2014. Lysaker, FNI, 2014, 46 p.

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Gulbrandsen, Lars H. and David Humphreys, International Initiatives to Address Tropical Timber Logging and Trade. FNI report 4/2006. Lysaker, FNI, 2006, 67 p.

Commentary articles

Gulbrandsen, Lars H., 'Vindkrafts inngrep i naturområder' ('Windpower's encroachment on nature'), Aftenposten, 26.04.2016. In Norwegian.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H. and Torbjørg Jevnaker, 'Norske vindmøller er en dråpe i havet' ('Norwegian wind mills are only a drop in the ocean'), Aftenposten, 12.04.2016. In Norwegian.

Gulbrandsen, Lars. H., 'Book Review: Earth Stewardship for a New Planetary Epoch', International Studies Review, Vol 17, No 3, 2015.

Gulbrandsen, Lars. H., 'Book Review: Rethinking Private Authority: Agents and Entrepreneurs in Global Environmental Governance, by Jessica F. Green', Global Environmental Politics, Vol 14, No 4, 2014.

Gulbrandsen, Lars H., 'Tysk klimabrems' ('Germany Puts on the Climate Brakes'), Dagens Næringsliv, 13.09.2013. In Norwegian.
Contact details
   (+47) 67111932
   lars.gulbrandsen (

 Complete CV can be downloaded here

 Related focal points of research

   Biodiversity and genetic resources
   Global environmental governance and law
   European energy and environmental politics
  Climate change

 Important ongoing projects

Competing land-use pressures in Norway: Examining the integration of nature protection concerns in windpower licenses.

Designing Effective Management Systems for Aquaculture: Innovation and Sustainable Development

Strategic Challenges in International Climate and Energy Policy (CICEP)

Designing Effective Emissions Trading: The Contribution of International Diffusion (ETS-DIFFUSION)

Designing Knowledge-Based Management Systems for Environmental Governance in Norway.

Managing Protected Areas in a Time of Internationalization

 Important past projects

The EU Energy and Climate Package: Causes, Content and Consequences (ECPack) (2010-2014)

Reforming the EU Emissions Trading System: Causes and Consequences (2009-2013)

Non-State Global Environmental Governance: The Emergence and Effectiveness of Forest and Fisheries Certification Schemes

New Principles and Instruments of Environmental Governance and the Influence of Scientific Input

Oil Companies and the New Petroleum Provinces: Ethics, Business and Politics

 Recent relevant FNI News

FNI provides key input to report to hammer out future EU climate change policy (05.11.2015)

New Article Identifies Public-Private Interaction Mechanisms in Non-state Certification Programs (17.03.2014)

Corporate Responses to EU Emissions Trading (08.07.2013)

Norway's Protected Areas: Failing to Conserve Threatened Environments (26.04.2013)

 Recent media coverage

'Norsk vindkraft hjelper lite mot klimatrusselen' ('Norwegian wind power not important in combatting climate threat'), Aftenposten, 14.04.2016. In Norwegian.

'Setting the New Standard: Transparency Matters', President's Blog, Wildlife Habitat Council, 28.04.2015.

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