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Njord Wegge

Njord WeggePosition at FNI: Senior Research Fellow

Academic background:
   PhD., Political Science, University of Tromsø (2013).
   Visiting Scholar, UC. Berkeley (Spring 2009).
   Master in Political Science, University of Oslo (2001-2003).

Professional experience:
   Editor in Political Sciences, Arctic Review on Law and Politics (since 2013).
   Research Fellow, University of Tromsø (2008-2013).
   Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo (summer 2005).
   Trainee, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OSCE delegation, Vienna (2004).
   Research Fellow Norwegian Institute for defence studies, Oslo (autumn/winter 2003-2004).

Main research interests:
   International Relations
   International politics in the Arctic and the Antarctica
   The East Asian states' (particularly China's) Polar and maritime policy
   European foreign and security politics

Major publications:

Wegge, Njord, 'The Emerging Politics of the Arctic Ocean: Future Management of the Living Marine Resources'. Marine Policy, Vol 51, 2015, pp. 331-338.

Wegge, Njord, 'China in the Arctic. Interests, Actions and Challenges', Nordlit, No 32, 2014, pp. 83-98.

Wegge, Njord, 'The EU's Arctic Policy Development - A New European Foreign Policy Area in Development'. Bulletin of International Studies on the Polar Regions (Tongji University, China), Vol 4, No 3, 2013, pp. 21-36.

Wegge, Njord, 'Politics between science, law and sentiments. Explaining the European Union's ban on trade with seal products', Environmental Politics, Vol 22, No 2, 2013, pp. 255-273.

Wegge, Njord, 'Norge og EU - Partnere i Arktis' ('Norway and the EU - Arctic Partners'), Nordlit, Vol 29, No 1, 2012, pp. 129-138. In Norwegian.

Wegge, Njord, 'The EU and the Arctic: European foreign policy in the making', Arctic Review on Law and Politics, Vol 3, No 1, 2012, pp. 6-29.

Wegge, Njord, 'The political order in the Arctic: power structures, regimes and influence', Polar Record, Vol 47, No 2, 2011, pp. 165-176.

Wegge, Njord, 'Small state, maritime great power? Norway's strategies for influencing the maritime policy of the European Union', Marine Policy, Vol 35, No 3, 2011, pp. 335-342.

Wegge, Njord, 'Med Brussel som tyngdepunkt. Svensk og finsk sikkerhetspolitikk i endring' ('Brussels as centre of gravity: Swedish and Finnish security policy changing'), Forsvarsstudier, No 5, 2003. In Norwegian.

Wegge, Njord, 'Sverige - falmet idealist i et likere Europa?, ('Sweden - a faded idealist in a more equal Europe?'), Internasjonal politikk, No 4, 2002. In Norwegian.

Commentary articles

Wegge, Njord, 'Polarnasjonen Norge' ('The Polar Nation Norway'), Nord24, 19.06.2014. In Norwegian.

Wegge, Njord, 'Kina, Norge og Arktisk Råd' ('China, Norway and the Arctic Council'), Nordlys, 07.03.2012. In Norwegian.

Wegge, Njord, 'Staters utenrikspolitikk og etikk' ('The Foreign Policy of States, and Ethics'), Nordlys, 31.01.2011. In Norwegian.

Wegge, Njord, 'Norge, en arktisk stormakt?' ('Norway, an Arctic Great Power?'), Finnmarken, 27.07.2010. In Norwegian.

Wegge, Njord, 'EU med interesse for Arktis' ('An EU Interested in the Arctic'), Nordlys, 17.11.2008. In Norwegian.
 Contact details for Njord Wegge:
    (+47) 67111954 / 90562578 (mob)
   nw (

 Related focal points of research:

   Arctic and Russian politics

 Important ongoing projects:

Norwegian Polar Politics 1870-2014.

Societal Security in Northern Waters.

 Recent relevant FNI News:

Njord Wegge Obtains PhD on the Relationship between Norway and the EU in the Arctic (12.09.2013)

 Recent media coverage

'Observations on Norway: Small State, Arctic and Maritime Great Power? The Relationship between Norway and the EU in the High North', Bulletin of International Studies on the Polar Regions, 25.03.2014.

'Noreg er ein viktig premissleverandør for EUs arktiske politikk' ('Norway is an Important Premise Provider for EU Arctic Policies'). University of Tromsø News, 19.09.2013. In Norwegian.

'Forsker på asiatisk interesse for Arktis' ('Research on Asian Interest in the Arctic'), RCN News, 13.02.2013. In Norwegian.

'Politikk mellom to polar' ('Politics Between Two Poles'), University of Tromsø News, 18.12.2012. In Norwegian.

'Interesser og mulige konflikter i Arktis' (Interests and Possible Conflicts ib the Arctic'), Research Council of Norway News, 28.11.2012. In Norwegian.

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