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Øystein Jensen

Øystein JensenPosition at FNI: Senior Research Fellow

Academic background
   PhD, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, 2013.
   Cand. jur, University of Oslo, 2005.

Professional experience
   Associate Member of the International Law Association's International Committee on 'Baselines under the International Law of the Sea', Norwegian branch representative (2012-present).
   Guest Researcher, Faculty of Law, Department of Public and International Law, University of Oslo (February-May 2011).
   Doctoral studies, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.
   Teaching private law, legal methodology and public international law at the University of Oslo.
   Research Assistant, The Fridtjof Nansen Institute.
   Examiner and Academic Supervisor, Faculties of Law at the Universities of Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø.

Main research interests
   International law
   Law of the sea
   International institutional law
   Legitimacy in international law
   Global administrative law
   International law and politics for the Polar regions


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Commentary articles:

Jensen, Øystein, 'Kampen om Nordpolen' ('Continental Shelf Claims and the North Pole'), Aftenposten, 31.05.2011. In Norwegian.

Jensen, Øystein, 'Grensesprengende - og uklart' ('Pathbreaking - and Unclear'), Dagens Næringsliv, 30.04.2010. In Norwegian.

Jensen, Øystein, 'Norge er ikke blitt større' ('Norway Has Not Become Larger'), Aftenposten, 23 April 2009. In Norwegian.

Jensen, Øystein, 'Har Norge grunn til bekymring?' ('Does Norway Have Reason to Worry about EU's New Arctic Foreign Policy Strategy?'). Nordlys, 12 December 2008. In Norwegian.

Jensen, Øystein, 'Arktis og havets folkerett' ('The Arctic Ocean and the Law of the Sea'), Bergens Tidende, 9 June 2008. In Norwegian.
 Contact details
   (+47) 67111915
   oyj (

 Related focal points of research

   Law of the Sea and marine affairs
   Arctic and Russian politics

 Important ongoing projects

Fundamental Challenges for the Law of the Sea

Designing Effective Management Systems for Aquaculture: Innovation and Sustainable Development

International Law for an Anthropocene Epoch? Shifting Perspectives in the Law of the Sea, Environmental Law and Genetic Resources Law

 Important past projects

The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf

Arctic Shipping Guidelines: From Voluntary to Mandatory Tool for Environmental Protection and Navigation Safety?

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'Who Owns the North Pole? Debate Heats Up as Climate Change Transforms Arctic', Bloomberg, 04.04.2014.

'Grand claims of the Arctic kind', The Arctic Journal, 05.12.2013.

'K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea established in Tromsø, Norway', K.G. Jebsen Foundation News Release, 19.09.2013.

'Researchers have great power in continental shelf battle', ScienceNordic, 23.08.2013.

'Forskere har mye makt i sokkelkamp' ('Researchers Have Much Power in Continental Shelf Struggle'),, 04.08.2013. In Norwegian.

- Maktkamp i Arktis kan ryste grunnen under sokkelregimet ('Arctic Power Struggle May Shake the Foundations of the Continental Shelf Regime'), University of Oslo News, 03.07.2013. In Norwegian.

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