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Pål W. Skedsmo

Pål SkedsmoPosition at FNI: Research Fellow

Academic background
Master in Social Anthropology, University of Oslo, 2005 (social anthropology, history of ideas, Russian and East European studies).

Main research interests
   Norwegian-Russian relations and cooperation.
   Civil society, environmental NGOs and trade unions in (North Western) Russia.
   Environmental rights and transparency in Armenia.
   Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijani-Armenian relations.
   Civil society and democratisation processes in the Post-Soviet states.

Major publications

Breit, Eric, Lars Rowe and Pål Wilter Skedsmo, Evaluering av støtteordningen BarentsKult ('Evaluation of the Funding Mechanism BarentsKult'). FNI Report 11/2014. Lysaker, FNI, 2014, 41 p. In Norwegian.

Skedsmo, Pål Wilter, Heidi Bade and Leiv Lunde. Doing Good by Doing Well? Statoil in Sub-Saharan Africa. Occasional Paper 2/2013. Oslo, Norwegian Church Aid, 2013, 30 p.

Skedsmo, Pål Wilter, Evaluering av samarbeidet mellom LO og FNPR 2001-2010 ('Evaluation of Co-operation Between LO and FNPR 2001-2010'). FNI Report 05/2011. Lysaker, FNI, 2011, 33 p. In Norwegian.

Skedsmo, Pål Wilter, Russisk sivilsamfunn og norske hjelpere ('Russian Civil Society and its Norwegian Benefactors'). Trondheim, Tapir Academic Press, 2010, 100 p. In Norwegian.

Jensen, Leif Christian and Pål Wilter Skedsmo. 'Approaching the North: Norwegian and Russian Foreign Policy Discourses on the European Arctic'. Polar Research, Vol 29, 2010, pp. 439-450.

Skedsmo, Pål Wilter, Evaluering av støtteordningen 'Demokratimidlene' ('Evaluation of the 'Democracy Funds''). FNI Report 8/2008. Lysaker, FNI, 2008, 51 p. In Norwegian.

Skedsmo, Pål, 'Demokratisering og miljøkamp på Kolahalvøya' ('Democratisation and Environmentalism on the Kola Peninsula'). Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift, Vol 18, No 3-4, 2007, pp. 241-252. In Norwegian

Skedsmo, Pål, 'Doing Good' in Murmansk? Civil Society, Ideology and Everyday Practices in a Russian Environmental NGO. FNI report 14/2005. Lysaker, FNI, 2005. 82 p.

Recent commentary articles

Skedsmo, Pål Wilter, 'Arbeidere i nord – foren eder' (Workers of the North - Unite!', Nordlys, 19.09.2011. In Norwegian.

Skedsmo, Pål Wilter, 'Elendige Russland' ('Miserable Russia'), Nordlys, 16.02.2010. In Norwegian.

Skedsmo, Pål og Leif Christian Jensen, 'Stein på stein i nord' ('New building blocks in the North?'), Nordlys, 26 March 2009. In Norwegian.

Rowe, Lars and Pål Skedsmo, 'Russisk diktatur i støpeskjeen' ('A Russian Dictatorship Being Shaped'). Bergens Tidende, 7 November 2006. In Norwegian.
Contact details
   (+47) 67111913
   psk (

 Related focal points of research

   Arctic and Russian politics

 Important ongoing projects

Environmental Rights in Armenia.

The Individual and the State in Russia (INSTARUSS): Self-Images, Coping Strategies, Civil Society.

 Important past projects

Transparency in Armenian Environmental Governance (2009-2010)

International Collaboration in the Arctic (2003-2009)

Evaluation of the Norwegian Children and Youth Council's Democracy Funds (2008)

Environmental Management and Civil Society in Armenia (2005-2008)

 Recent relevant FNI News

The BarentsKult Funding Mechanism: A Success (30.10.2014)

FNI Debates Statoil's Engagement in Africa (14.05.2013)

 Recent media coverage

'Venter på anerkjennelse' ('Armenians: Awaiting Genocide Recognition'), Dagsavisen, 24.04.2015. In Norwegian.

'Gjenytelser i møtet med myndighetene' ('Return Favours when Encountering the Authorities in Russia'), NORRUSS Newsletter, 23.04.2015. In Norwegian.

'Rapportkonklusjon: BarentsKult en suksess' ('Report Concludes that BarentsKult Is a Success'), Barents Secretariat News, 31.10.2014. In Norwegian.

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