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Svein Vigeland Rottem

Svein Vigeland RottemPosition at FNI: Senior Research Fellow, Director of the Polar Programme

Academic background
   Ph.D., Department of Political Science, University of Tromsø, Norway (2009).
   Cand. Polit. (Master) in Political Science, University of Tromsø, Norway (2002).
   Cand. Mag. (Bachelor), University of Tromsø/University of Oslo (1998).

Professional experience
   Senior Research Fellow, Fridtjof Nansen Institute (since 2006).
   Lecturer on international relations and security concepts, University of Tromsø/Norwegian Defence (2002-2006).
   Research Fellow, University of Tromsø (2002).

Main research interests
   Politics and international relations in the High North
   Norwegian defence policy
   The relation between climate change and security in the Arctic.
   The widening of the concept of security
   The new NATO and Norway's role

Major publications

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, The Arctic Council: Vision, structure and participation. FNI Report 4/2016. Lysaker, FNI, 2016, 13 p.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'The Arctic Council in Arctic Governance: the significance of the Oil Spill Agreement'. In Linda Jakobson and Neil Melvin (eds), The New Arctic Governance. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016, pp. 147-174.

Moe, Arild and Svein Vigeland Rottem, 'Offshore Petroleum and Maritime Infrastructure'. In Oran R. Young, Jong Deog Kim and Yoon Hyung Kim (eds), The Arctic in World Affairs - A North Pacific Dialogue on International Cooperation in a Changing Arctic. Seoul, KMI Press, pp. 23-40.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'A Note on the Arctic Council Agreements'. Ocean Development and International Law, Vol 46, No 1, 2015, pp. 50-59.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'The Political Architecture of Security in the Arctic - the Case of Norway'. Arctic Review on Law and Politics, Vol 4, No 2, 2013, p. 234-255.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'The Arctic Council and the Search and Rescue Agreement: The case of Norway'. Polar Record, published online 13.05.2013, 9 pp.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, Sikkerhet i nord - er vi forberedt? ('Security in the North - Are We Prepared?'). Rapport fra Sikkerhetspolitisk konferanse 2012, Oslo, Utenriksdepartementet, 2013, 32 p. In Norwegian.

Inderberg, Tor Håkon and Svein Vigeland Rottem, Norsk utviklingssamarbeid og et klima i endring ('Norwegian Development Cooperation and Climate Change Financing'). FNI Report 7/2011. Lysaker, FNI, 2011, 22 p. In Norwegian.

Jensen, Leif Christian, Øystein Jensen and Svein Vigeland Rottem, 'Norwegian Foreign Policy in the High North: Energy, International Law and Security'. Atlantisch Perspectief, Vol 35, No 3, 2011, pp. 15-19.

Jensen, Øystein and Svein Vigeland Rottem, International Law and Security Policy Perspectives in Norway's Northern Sea Areas. Security Brief 3-2010. Oslo, The Norwegian Atlantic Committe, 4 p.

Buan, Inga Fritzen, Tor Håkon Inderberg and Svein Vigeland Rottem, Globale og regionale følger av klimaendringer. Konsekvenser for Norge ('Global and Regional Ramifications of Climate Change. Consequenses for Norway'). FNI Report 12/2010. Lysaker, FNI, 2010, 76 p.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Klima og sikkerhet i Arktis' ('Climate and Security in the Arctic'). Internasjonal Politikk, Vol 68, No 2, 2010, pp. 183-204. In Norwegian.

Jensen, Leif Christian, Øystein Jensen and Svein Vigeland Rottem, 'Sitting on Top of the World: The Arctic Seen through Norwegian Lenses'. In Viviane du Castel (ed), Le Grand Nord: Un nouvel enjeu trés courtisé. L'exemple de la mer de Barents, Norvége. Paris, L'Harmattan, 2010, pp. 19-30.

Jensen, Øystein and Svein Vigeland Rottem. 'The Politics of Security and International Law in Norway's Arctic Waters'. Polar Record, Vol 46, 2010, pp. 75-83.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, Hva forsvarer Norge? Det norske forsvarets møte med en ny virkelighet ('What is Norway Defending? The Norwegian Defence'e Encounter With a New Reality'). Doctoral dissertation, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tromsø. Tromsø, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tromsø, 2009, 193 p.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, Geir Hønneland and Leif Christian Jensen, Småstat og energistormakt: Norges sikkerhetspolitiske rolle i nord ('Small State and Energy Great Power: Norway's Security-Policy Role in the High North'). Bergen, Fagbokforlaget, 2008, 136 p. In Norwegian.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'The Ambivalent Ally: Norway in the New NATO'. Contemporary Security Policy, Vol 28, No 3, 2007, pp. 619-638.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Forsvaret i nord – avskrekking og beroligelse' ('Defence Policy in the High North – Deterrence and Reassurance'). Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning, Vol 48, No 1, 2007, pp. 63-91. In Norwegian.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Forsvarets mål og strategi: Sikkerhet for hvem?' ('The Norwegian Defence's Objectives and Strategy: Security for Whom?'). Internasjonal Politikk, Vol 65, No 1, 2007, pp. 39-61. In Norwegian.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland and Arild Moe, Climate Change in the North and the Oil Industry. FNI Report 9/2007. Lysaker, FNI, 2007, 21 p.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Hva forsvarer vi? Tre tilnærminger til norsk forsvars- og sikkerhetspolitikk' ('What Are We Defending? Three Approaches to Norwegian Defence and Security Politics'). Norsk Statsvitenskapelig Tidsskrift, Vol 4, 2005, pp. 334-362. In Norwegian.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Book review of Riste, Olav (2005) "Norway's Foreign Relations – A History"', Norsk tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning, Vol 4, 2005, pp. 578-582.

Hoogensen, Gunhild and Svein Vigeland Rottem, 'Gender, Identity and the Subject of Security'. Security Dialogue, Vol 35, June 2004, pp. 155-171.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Realisme som biologisme, ('Realism as Biologism'), Norsk Statsvitenskapelig Tidsskrift, Vol 4, 2004, pp. 391-414. In Norwegian.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Forsvarsallianse og verdiforvalter. NATO på 90-tallet - mellom ideal- og realpolitikk' ('Defence Alliance and Steward of Values. NATO in the 90's, between Ideal- and Realpolitik'). Master thesis. Tromsø, Department of Political Science, University of Tromsø, 2002. In Norwegian.

Recent commentary articles

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Arktisk råd - en suksesshistorie?' ('The Arctic Council - a success story?'), Nordlys, 10.02.2016. In Norwegian.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Et sivilt forsvar i nord?' ('A Civilian Defence in the North?'), Nordlys, 07.11.2011. In Norwegian.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Stabilitet i nord' ('Stability in the High North'), Nordlys, 26.05.2011. In Norwegian.

Jensen, Leif Christian and Svein Vigeland Rottem, 'NATO i nord?' ('NATO in the North?'), Nordlys, 15.06.2010. In Norwegian.

Jensen, Øystein and Svein Vigeland Rottem, 'Makt og rett i nord' ('Power and Law in the High North'), Nordlys, 26 June 2009. In Norwegian.

Rottem, Svein V.'En ambivalent alliert' ('Norway: An Ambivalent Ally'), Dagbladet, 27 March 2009. In Norwegian.
Contact details
   (+47) 67111945
   svr (

Complete CV can be downloaded here

 Related focal points of research

   Arctic and Russian politics

 Important ongoing projects

Science and Business in Arctic Environmental Governance (POLGOV).

Designing Knowledge-Based Management Systems for Environmental Governance in Norway.

 Important past projects

Geopolitics in the High North: Climate Change, Energy Development, and Environmental Protection (2008-2013)

Climate Change and New Security Threats in the Arctic (2009-2010)

International Collaboration in the Arctic (2003-2009)

Recent relevant FNI News

Challenges for the Arctic Council: Vision, Structure and Participation (12.04.2016)

 Recent media coverage

'Northern exposure', The Arctic Journal, 14.06.2016.

'Arctic Council due for a change', High North News, 15.04.2016.

'Arktisk råd er modent for revisjon' ('The Arctic Council ready for changes'), High North News, 14.04.2016. In Norwegian.

'Derfor er Kystvakten i Forsvaret' ('The reason why the Norwegian Coast Guard is part of the military'), Sunnmørsposten, 11.11.2015. In Norwegian.

'Pentagon-rapport: Krever bedre beredskap i Arktis' ('Pentagon Report: Demands better Preparedness in the Arctic'), NRK Finnmark, 14.08.2015. In Norwegian.

'Norge leder oljekappløpet i nord' ('Norway Leads the Arctic Oil Race'), Aftenposten, 07.07.2015. In Norwegian.

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