Components of a Layout

A layout may include ArcView elements (Views, Tables, Charts) and ancillary objects such as legends and scale bars in special frames. To get data into these frames, they must be linked to an ArcView element and will then depend on properties in the linked element (e.g. the scale of a view). In addition, created graphics (points, lines, polygons, polylines, rectangles and circles) and text can be added.

As the frames in a layout are linked to ArcView elements, and does not comprise any data, any updates in the linked elements are reflected in the Layout.


The scale of a view is determined from scale of the View window when the window's Maximize button (See MS Windows help) is visible (and not the Restore button) in the upper right corner of the window frame.


To maximize a View window, press the Maximize button in the upper right corner of the window frame. This changes the Maximize button to the Restore button. By closing and reopening the window (from the project window), the Restore button will be changed to the Maximize button without resizing the window.