Contents of the INSROP GIS CD

The INSROP GIS CD contains two main folders:



The \dKartCatalogueClient folder includes data bundled with INSROP GIS. This data has been compiled from the Electronic Catalogue of Charts and Publications , which contains information on all paper charts, electronic charts and publications published by the Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography (HDNO), Russian Federation Ministry of Defence. The Electronic Catalogue of Charts and Publications includes the data retrieval software dKart Catalogue Client developed by HydroSERVICE A/S. See Appendix B and the catalogue.html file in the dKartCatalogueClient folder for further information.

The \INSROP_GIS folder is the main INSROP GIS folder and includes the INSROP GIS hypertext documentation , the INSROP logo stored in TIFF and EPS format, and an ArcView palette file . The hypertext documentation consists of a set of pre-made Microsoft Windows helpfiles. Below the main INSROP GIS folder (e.g. G:\INSROP_GIS, identified by the system environment variable, NSR_PATH) there are five basic INSROP GIS sub-directories:






The \INSROP_GIS\INSTALL folder contains the files that should or may be installed to use INSROP GIS. This includes the INSROP GIS Extension and template layouts . The folder also includes the additional INSROP EIA Extension .

The \INSROP_GIS\DATABASE folder is the main database folder . Similar to the main INSROP GIS folder, this folder is identified by a system environment variable, NSR_DATA. INSROP GIS may be run from the CD-ROM, but this possibility also means that the database can be stored on a network server, while the INSROP GIS software is stored on the local disk. The INSROP GIS data sets are organised into information topics and stored in a sub-directory structure below the main database folder.

The \INSROP_GIS \PROJECTS folder includes the INSROP GIS project library . It is recommended that all INSROP GIS projects (*.apr) are stored in this folder. The project files may be organised into sub-directories.

The \INSROP_GIS \SOURCEDATA folder includes the main source data sets provided within INSROP, and may include data not implemented in INSROP GIS. This especially applies to images, either stored in image files or included in Word files. See especially the AARI-SOF 1996\Maps folder and the Box_B\WorkPackage8 folder.