Create output

To create output from INSROP GIS (ArcView), you must first create a layout. A layout can be created in two ways; from the Project window, or from a View. From the Project window a new layout is created by double-clicking the Layout icon. An existing layout is opened by double-clicking a layout name in the list of layout documents in the project. From the view a layout is created by chosing the View - Layout... menu item. To output a layout, you may either print (to printer or file) or export the layout in one of a set of common graphical formats (See ArcView Help).

A layout can be created with a pre-defined layout template. When creating a layout from a view, the user is automatically requested to select a layout template. In the Layout window, a layout template can be selected by the Layout-Use Template ... menu item. In addition to the basic ArcView Layout templates, we have prepared two INSROP GIS layout templates. If you want to include a latitude/longitude graticule on a map, the INSROP GIS function Add Graticule enables this.

The legend (Legendframe) associated with a map (Viewframe) will as default show the legends of all active themes in the associated view. In some cases you may wish to not include legends of some themes, e.g. background themes. To enable this, you must first Simplify the Legendframe, and then select and delete the legend parts you dont want to display.


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