Customized Hotlink tools

Some INSROP GIS queries include customised scripts utilising the hotlink capability. The utilities are executed by activating the relevant theme and the hotlink tool and clicking on a feature in the theme. In most cases this will initiate a Chart display of a time series for the feature clicked at. For example, this utility may be used to display minimum, mean and maximum monthly air temperatures for the measurement station clicked at, of monthly time series of river flowrates at the measurement station clicked at.

The typical data model when such customised hotlink tools are useful, are when a feature theme includes a set of spatial features and their attributes, incl. a feature ID, and the actual time series data are stored in a database file which also includes the feature ID. The feature theme will then be stored with only one record per feature, while the database file will have a set of time series records for each feature ID.

If you instead of displaying time series for one location, want to show the values at a give point in time for all locations, you must use the Theme-Display linked attribute (with a legend) menu choice.

In the INSROP GIS Queries both these options are utilised and are carried out automatically depending on the users choice.