Data set definition files

The main purpose of these files is to ease retrieval of INSROP GIS data sets. By using these files a user may select data sets by descriptive names rather than by navigating the directory structure. These files must exist, and are stored in the database information topic sub-directories specified by the database topics definition file (datasets.def). The files are named <subdirectory name>.def, and has a similar structure and functionality as the datasets.def file. The following shows the first three lines in the basecart.def file:


"Overall dataset directory definition file",,

"dcw_1","DCW 1:1 mill.","N"

The first two lines are common to all these files and must not be changed. The first column includes the physical name of each data set folder, while the second column include the associated descriptive name of each data set. The third column has two legal values:

N or n The data set files are located in the specified dataset folder.

Y or y The data set files are located in a sub-directory of the specified data set folder.

If the column is empty, this is interpreted as N. The "N" in the third column means that the actual data sets are stored in the $NSR_DATA\BASECART\DCW_1 folder and will show up in the 'Add INSROP Theme' dialogue window (if the DCW 1:1 mill base cartography data sets are selected).


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