Database topics definition file

This file must exist. It is named datasets.def and is stored in the $NSR_DATA (i.e. G:\INSROP_GIS\DATABASE) directory. The purpose of the file is to define database information topics and the physical (storage) names of the database sub-directories comprising the data sets within each information topic. The file also defines whether there are additional sub-directory levels. The file is used by the 'Add INSROP theme' menu in the Views window and the 'Add INSROP table' menu choice in the Projects window to allow the user to select datasets from information topic names rather than the more cryptic storage names with maximum 8-characters.

The file includes three comma-separated (quoted) string columns, and the first two lines (= header lines) are mandatory and must not be changed. The first column includes the physical name of each database information topic folder, while the second column include the associated descriptive name of each information topic. The third column has two legal values:

N or n The data sets within this topic is located in the dataset topic folder

Y or y The data sets within this topic is located in special dataset sub-directories below the dataset topic folder. THIS IS THE STANDARD DATABASE ORGANISATION.

If the column is empty, this is interpreted as N. Not all database topics include data sets, and not all data sets may be available to all users. The reason for this option is that not all users may have the complete version of the INSROP GIS database, but it may still be useful to see which data set topics exist in the complete version. The next lines include the actual information topic definitions. The following includes the first three lines in the default datasets.def


"Overall dataset directory definition file",,

"basecart","Base Cartography","Y"


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