Display data in INSROP GIS

Spatial data may be displayed in a View, while tabular data may be displayed in a Chart. When developing INSROP GIS we have not identified any special additions to the basic ArcView Chart functionality, hence the following functions focus on displaying existing data in a View document. For display of processed or derived information, see Query or analyze data .

The first step in displaying data is to create or open a view document. Then you may modify the properties and contents of the view, and also how to display the themes included in the view. In addition to the functions for adding themes to a view or creating new feature themes, the following INSROP GIS functions affect the display of spatial data in a view:

INSROP00090000.gif Use INSROP Projection

INSROP00090000.gif Add Graticule

INSROP00090000.gif Remove Graticule

INSROP00090000.gif Display attribute (with a legend)

INSROP00090000.gif Display linked attribute (with a legend)

INSROP00090000.gif Classify attribute (with a legend)

INSROP00090000.gif Display Vector arrows

INSROP00090000.gif Remove Vector arrows