Editing the legend of a viewframe

When using one of the layout templates, each viewframe is associated with a legendframe. By default the legendframe includes the non-hidden legends of the active themes in the view linked to the viewframe. In some cases it might be preferable to modify some elements in the legendframe. To enable editing of elements, the legend must be simplified, which means that the link to the view is cut, and the legends are converted to a collection of simple graphical elements. These graphical elements can now be selected and edited similarly to any other basic graphical element in a layout.


Once the legendframe has been simplified, the link to the view no longer exists, and any updates in the view will not be reflected in the legendframe. Hence, it is recommended that simplification of a legend is the final editing step before the map is printed. If you ever need to recreate the legend after simplification, delete all parts of the simplified legend and create a new legendframe linked to the view in the viewframe.