Get the source data location of a point in a view

The Map unit co-ordinates of the location of the mouse cursor are constantly updated and displayed in the rightmost part of the Tool Bar. For unprojected views the map unit co-ordinates and the source data co-ordinates are identical. However, for projected views the tool bar displays the cursor co-ordinates in projected map units, while the source data are stored in decimal degrees. In many cases it is interesting to see the decimal degree co-ordinates of a point in the view. For this purpose we have added a YX-tool in the Tool Bar of the View. When this tool is active, the location of the cursor when a mouse button is clicked is displayed in source data co-ordinates in the leftmost part of the Statusbar. For projected views this means that the co-ordinates of the point are displayed as decimal degrees and in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds. For unprojected views, the advantage of this tool is that the co-ordinates of the point are only updated when a mouse button is clicked and remains unchanged in the Statusbar until a mouse button is clicked again, or another message appears in the Statusbar.

The tool is activated like any other tool; by clicking the tool button. Activating another tool deactivates it.