How to document a VEC

The documentation of a VEC shall provide information about the VEC, why it is a VEC, show in which context the VEC appears, and a set of evaluated Impact Hypotheses. The first phase in the documentation process involves qualitative documentation based on experience and existing knowledge about the activities and impacts. As the process proceeds the qualitative documentation is extended to also include quantitative documentation.

The following general steps are involved in the INSROP-AEAM process:

1. Selection of Valued Ecosystem Components (VECs)

Describe and document why the VECs have been given priority (and why others have been excluded).

Prepare summarized background information on the VEC.

2. Schematic flow chart

Identify the impact system developments.In INSROP these are defined as NOISE, POLLUTION, PHYSICAL DISTURBANCE, or WASTE from regular ship traffic (Operational scenario) or from accidents (Accidental scenario).

Identify the impact system components. In INSROP EIA, only components in direct contact with the VEC will be included in the flow chart.

Describe the linkages between the 'developments' and the 'system components', and between the 'system components' and the VEC. These linkages also includes the direction of the impact.

Construct a diagram/flowchart for the VEC, using symbols and keywords to show in which context the VEC appears. This flowchart combines impact system developments, components and linkages in a schematic overview.

3. Impact Hypotheses (IHs)

Formulate a set of hypothesesfor the impacts from NSR-activities on each VEC, based on linkages in the flow chart and the scenarios.

4. Description and explanation of each IH

Categorize the Impact Hypothesis, including an argumentation for the given priority. Document the outcome using a 'standard formulary'.

VEC data sets

List and document the data sets providing quantitative VEC information.

VEC project files

List and document the INSROP GIS projects comprising spatial/tabular VEC information.

VEC documentation in the INSROP GIS help system

In the INSROP GIS help system, the evaluated impact hypotheses are subtopics of the VEC, while the impact system components and developments, and the evaluated impact hypothesis category are used as keywords to each impact hypothesis.


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