INSROP GIS Layout Templates

Layout templates used by ArcView are stored in a file called template.def in the ETC folder below the directory where ArcView is installed. If a user prepares and stores new or modified layout templates, a file with the same name is created or updated.

The INSROP GIS layout templates are stored in the file 'template.def' in the INSROP GIS INSTALL folder (i.e. G:\INSROP_GIS\INSTALL). The INSROP GIS layout templates are modified from the default ArcView layouts and include the INSROP logo. As new layout templates are easy to create by modifying existing ones, we have not put priority into providing a range of layout templates. The present version of INSROP GIS includes one Landscape and one Portrait INSROP GIS layout template in addition to the layout templates included in ArcView Version 3.0a/3.1

At present ArcView cannot use templates from more than one template.def file. When ArcView is started the one in the <ArcView>\ETC folder is read first. Then, if another template.def file is found in the folder referred to by the HOME environment variable the layout templates in this file replaces the ones already loaded. Hence, to enable use of the INSROP GIS layout templates the template.def file included on the INSROP GIS CD must be copied to the folder referred to by the HOME environment variable (recommended) or the <ArcView>\ETC folder.