INSROP GIS modifications to the ArcView interface

In INSROP GIS, similar to ArcView, you work with views, tables, charts (and scripts), stored in one file called a project. All project files are stored with a .apr extension. You work with one project at a time. Projects enable keeping together all components required for a task or application and available from a common window interface. The main window is called the ArcView window, and serves as the framework for all ArcView/ INSROP GIS operations. Normally you will not see this window without at least the Projects window open. When starting INSROP GIS (or ArcView), that is the standard startup interface.

The project window lists all components of a project. When you open one of the components of the project, it is displayed inside its own window. You can have any number of windows open in ArcView, but there is only one active window at any time.

The ArcView window includes a Menu bar, a Button bar, a Tool bar and a Status bar. The menu, button and tool bar includes controls that are specific for each type of window, and only the controls of the active window are visible at any time. The status bar displays various messages or the progress of certain operations. The following topics include information on INSROP GIS changes to the Menu, Button and Tool bar:

INSROP00090000.gif Projects window

INSROP00090000.gif Views window

INSROP00090000.gif Tables window

INSROP00090000.gif Charts window

INSROP00090000.gif Layout window