INSROP GIS requirements

ArcView on PC requires minimum an 80486/66 Intel-based microprocessor, but we strongly recommend Pentium 133 MHz as a minimum. The PC must have at least 18 MB RAM, but we recommend minimum 64 MB (at least for Windows NT 4.0).

The part of INSROP GIS that needs to be installed on a harddisk requires approx. 1.4 Mb available harddisk space. In addition, a few menu options which creates temporary files (on the catalogue referred to by the TEMP system environment variable) require harddisk space. The INSROP GIS database may be run from the CD, but if you want to run it from a harddisk drive, approx. 150 Mb is required.

ESRI, the makers of ArcView, no longer supports Windows 3.x, and as INSROP GIS also makes use of the extended capabilities of Windows 95 / Windows NT 4.0, one of these Windows systems are needed to run INSROP GIS.