INSROP Project List, 1993-1998

Subprogramme I: Natural Conditions And Ice Navigation

Subprogramme II: Environmental Factors

Subprogramme III: Trade And Commercial Shipping Aspects

Subprogramme IV: Political, Legal And Strategic Factors

Simulation Study

Integration Book


Project I.1.1: Routing, Communication and IT-customizing. (Supervisor: Kjærstad. Publications: WP2 , WP14 )

Project I.1.2: Operational aspects. (Supervisors: Baskin, Buzuev & Yakshevich. Publications: WP17 , WP91 , WP101 )

Project I.1.3: Navigational safety management system of the NSR. (Supervisors: Vasilyev & Yakshevich. Publications: WP122 )

Project I.1.4: Design requirements for the NSR vessels. (Supervisor: Tsoy. Publications: WP160 )

Project I.1.6: Numerical simulation model for ship transit. (Supervisor: Sodhi. Publications: WP150 )

Project I.1.7: Large scale hull loading of first year ice. (Supervisor: Jones. Publications: WP7 , WP114 )

Project I.1.8: Influence of ice-compression on the feasible navigation on the NSR. (Supervisors: Backlund & Juurmaa. Publications: WP39 , WP110 )

Project I.1.9: Hydrodynamic Aspects on Ice/propeller Interaction. (Supervisor: Yamaguchi. Publications: WP78 )

Project I.1.10: Ice Environment and Ship Hull Loading along the NSR. (Supervisor: Riska. Publications: WP66 )

Project I.2.1: Operational information and natural conditions. (Supervisor: Makarov. Publications: WP24 , WP71 )

Project I.2.2: Ice Regime Control System. Phase 1: Evaluation. (Supervisor: Jones. Publications: WP32 )

Project I.2.3: Review of Russian Satellite data for the NSR. (Supervisor: Smirnov. Publications: WP109 )

Project I.2.4: Practical use of real-time SAR for ice navigation on the NSR. (Supervisor: Sandven. Publications: WP134 )

Project I.2.5: Modification of Canadian Ice Regime System to include ship operation. (Supervisor: Frederking. Publications: WP161 )

Project I.3.1: Design of information system. (Supervisor: Løvås. Publications: WP4 , WP45 , WP47 )

Project I.3.2: Arrangement and expansion of INSROP GIS. (Supervisor: Løvås. Publications: WP165 , WP166 )

Project I.3.4: Design of information system. (Supervisors: Grishchenko & Yakshevich. Publications: WP25 , WP80 )

Project I.3.5: Hydrometeorological and navigational information support of research and operational goals of INSROP. (Supervisor: Grishchenko. Publications: WP127 )

Project I.4.1: Content of database. (Supervisors: Baskin & Brestkin. Publications: WP26 , WP42 , WP68 )

Project I.4.2a: Ice Monitoring by Non-Russian satellite data. (Supervisor: Sandven. Publications: WP3 , WP38 )

Project I.4.2b: Development of the databases on natural conditions of navigation along the NSR. (Supervisors: Brestkin & Karklin. Publications: WP131 )

Project I.5.1: Content of database, planning and risk assessment. (Supervisor: Vefsnmo. Publications: WP5 , WP35 )

Project I.5.4: Behaviour and characteristics of spilling oil. (Supervisor: Tasaki. Publications: WP115 )

Project I.5.5: Planning and risk assessment. (Supervisor: Brovin, Tsoy. Publications: WP23 , WP34 )

Project I.5.6: Pilot study of behaviour and spreading of oil in ice. (Supervisor: Ovsienko. Publications: WP6 )

Project I.5.7: Statistical oil drift simulations along the NSR. (Supervisor: Vefsnmo. Publications: WP136 )

Project I.5.8: Environmental condition affecting commercial shipping. (Supervisor: Proshutinsky. Publications: WP126 )

Project I.5.11: Structural safety of ships operating in ice. (Supervisor: Moreynis. Publications: WP119 )

Project I.6.1: Operational tools. (Supervisor: Gudkovich. Publications: WP10 , WP36 )

Project I.6.2: Behaviour of ice flow in restricted waters. (Supervisor: Yamaguchi. Publications: WP43 )

Project I.6.3: Prediction of ice condition along the NSR using satellite data. (Supervisor: Yamaguchi. Publications: WP125 )

Project I.6.4: Ice management in ports and harbours on the NSR. (Supervisor: Kitagawa. Publications: WP103 )

Project I.7.1: Perspective Research. (Supervisor: Baskin, Zakharov. Publications: WP29 , WP69 )

Project I.7.2: Requirements for the ice performance of large vessels with shallow draft. (Supervisor: Tsoy. Publications: WP30 )


Project II.1: Initial survey of Russian data sources. (Supervisors: Korotkievich & Novoshilov. Publications: WP9 )

Project II.2: Screening and focusing workshop. (Supervisor: Hansson)

Project II.3.1: GIS Design. (Supervisor: Smith. Publications: WP4 )

Project II.3.2: Implementation of data base. (Supervisor: Bakken. Publications: WP47 )

Project II.3.10: Integration, maintenance and upgrading the INSROP GIS. (Supervisor: Brude. Publications: WP165 , WP166 ))

Project II.4.1: Marine and anadromous fish and invertebrates. (Supervisor: Larsen. Publications: WP12 , WP53 )

Project II.4.2: Marine birds. (Supervisor: Bakken. Publications: WP60 , WP97 , WP123 )

Project II.4.3: Marine mammals. (Supervisor: Wiig. Publications: WP40 , WP118 )

Project II.4.4: The coastal zone. (Supervisor: Larsen. Publications: WP12 , WP53 )

Project II.4.5: Large river estuaries and deltas. (Supervisor: Larsen. Publications: : WP12 , WP53)

Project II.4.10: Dynamic Environmental Atlas. (Supervisors: Bakken & Wiig. Publications: WP90 , WP99 , WP141 )

Project II.5.1: Assessment design. (Supervisor: Thomassen. Publications: WP31 )

Project II.5.2: Sensitivity Modelling. (Supervisor: Thomassen. Publications: WP31)

Project II.5.5: Scenarios for NSR Activities. (Supervisor: Thomassen. Publications: WP31)

Project II.5.6: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). (Supervisor: Thomassen. Publications: WP31)

Project II.5.10: Environmental Impact Assessment. (Supervisor: Thomassen. Publications: WP142 , WP162 , WP163 )

Project II.6.1: Control of pollution from ships on the NSR. (Supervisor: Semanov. Publications: WP63 )

Project II.6.2: Environmental and structural safety of ships. (Supervisor: Tsoy. Publications: WP70 )

Project II.6.3: Requirements to NSR shore reception facilities. (Supervisor: Semanov. Publications: WP64 )

Project II.6.4: NSR shipboard oil pollution emergency plan. (Supervisor: Somkin. Publications: WP65 )

Project II.6.5: Coastal Pollution Emergency Plan. (Supervisor: Semanov. Publications: WP7 6)

Project II.6.7: Environmental safety of nuclear icebreakers. (Supervisor: Pravdin. Publications: WP104 )

Project II.6.10: The NSR coastal oil spill contingency plan. (Supervisor: Semanov. Publications: WP129 )

Project II.6.12: Manual of shipboard waste management. (Supervisor: Semanov. Publications: WP133 )


Project III.01.1: The significance of the NSR for regional development in Arctic areas in Russia. (Supervisor: Granberg. Publications: WP19 )

Project III.01.2: Economic developments in Siberia and the Far East. (Supervisor: Moe. Publications: WP117 )

Project III.01.3: Development of oil and gas exports in Northern Russia. (Supervisor: Wergeland. Publications: WP8 , WP22 , WP44 )

Project III.01.4: The Russian Fertilizer Industry, Potential cargo segment for the NSR. (Supervisors: Ivanov & Ramsland. Publications: WP132 , WP156 )

Project III.01.5: The Angara and Yenisey Region, Cargo generating area for the NSR. (Supervisors: Granberg & Ramsland. Publications: WP137 , WP157 )

Project III.01.6: The Sakha Republic, Chukotka and the Russian Far East, Cargo potential for the NSR. (Supervisors: Granberg & Ramsland. Publications: WP135 , WP158 )

Project III.02.1: The Northern Sea Route and possible regional consequences. (Supervisor: Aanesen. Publications: WP16 )

Project III.02.2: Regional port development along the Northern Sea Route. (Supervisors: Ivanov & Moe. Publications: WP87 , WP116 )

Project III.02.3: Selected issues in regional economic development along the NSR. (Supervisors: Granberg & Aanesen. Publications: WP54 , WP74 )

Project III.05.1: Monitoring commercial trips along the NSR. (Supervisor: Ivanov)

Project III.05.2: Trial round-trip via the NSR, return leg Europe-Japan. (Supervisor: Ramsland. Publications: WP59 )

Project III.06.1: Survey of logistics models. (Supervisors: Heimdal, Ivanov & Wergeland. Publications: WP27 , WP55 )

Project III.07.1: The NSR tariff structure of fees. (Supervisors: Ivanov & Wergeland)

Project III.07.2: The potential of the NSR as a regular cargo service. (Supervisor: Buchan. Publications: WP15 )

Project III.07.3: Marine Transportation of oil from Timan Pechora from inland Russian oil/gas fields. (Supervisors: Ivanov, Juurmaa & Moe. Publications: WP48 , WP56 , WP89 )

Project III.07.4: Seaborne exports of gas from Yamal and oil from Timan Pechora. (Supervisors: Eldegard, Ivanov & Ramsland. Publications: WP41 , WP77 , WP86 )

Project III.07.5: Seagoing logistics solutions to oil field material supplies. (Supervisors: Backlund & Ramsland. Publications: WP50 , WP95 )

Project III.07.6: The potential of the NSR with a nuclear icebreaking ship. (Supervisor: Takamasa. Publications: WP73 )

Project III.07.7: Energy prospects in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Hydrocarbon cargo potential for the NSR. (Supervisors: Kryukov & Ramsland. Publications: WP102 , WP130 , WP144 )

Project III.07.8: Scenarioes of seasonal and year-round navigation along the NSR. (Supervisor: Ivanov. Publications: WP143 )

Project III.08.1: Assessment of potential cargo from and to Japan via the NSR. (Supervisor: Shikano. Publications: WP100 )

Project III.10.1: Assessment of potential cargo from and to Europe via the NSR. (Supervisor: Heggeli. Publications: WP11)

Project III.10.2: Cargo potential, US/Canada West Coast to Europe. (Supervisor: Ramsland. Publications: WP145 )

Project III.10.3: Cargo potential, Far East to Europe. (Supervisor: Ramsland. Publications: WP145 )

Project III.11.1: New concepts in removing ice. (Supervisor: Tsoy. Publications: WP21 , WP62 )

Project III.12.1: Improve information on navigating the NSR. (Supervisor: Ivanov. Publications: WP82 )


Project IV.1.1: Historical and current use of the NSR. (Supervisor: Nielsen. Publications: WP28 , WP61 , WP84 , WP96 , WP113 )

Project IV.1.2: NSR-Pilot. (Supervisor: Hønneland. Publications: WP81 )

Project IV.2.1: The NSR in the context of Arctic military and ecological (environmental) security. (Supervisor: Østreng. Publications: WP13 , WP83 )

Project IV.2.2: Political aspects of international shipping along the NSR. (Supervisor: Arikainen & Yakovlev. Publications: WP75 )

Project IV.2.3: Political perceptions and relations between states in Northeast Asia. (Supervisor: Simonsen. Publications: WP58 , WP92 )

Project IV.2.5: Russian administration of the NSR - central or regional? (Supervisors: Ivanov & Moe. Publications: WP106 , WP146 )

Project IV.3.1: International law and Russian Arctic Waters. (Supervisors: Brubaker & Kolodkin. Publications: WP37 , WP52 , WP57 , WP79 , WP88 , WP94 , WP147 , WP153 , WP159 )

Project IV.3.2: The legal consequences of the EEC/EEA provisions and policies for the NSR. (Supervisor: Ørebech. Publications: WP20 , WP67 , WP105 )

Project IV.3.3: Marine insurance for the NSR. (Supervisor: Gold. Publications: WP1 , WP4 6, WP72 , WP85 , WP98 , WP124 , WP138 )

Project IV.3.4: Arctic environmental law - Harmonization of Polar ship rules - International and national provisions. (Supervisors: Brubaker & Tsoy. Publications: WP151 )

Project IV.4.1: Social and cultural impact assessment on indigenous peoples of expanded use of the NSR. (Supervisors: Osherenko & Yakovlev. Publications: WP18 , WP33 , WP49 , WP51 , WP93 , WP111 , WP112 , WP148 , WP149 , WP152 , WP154 )


Work Package 1: Routes and associated operational infrastructure. (Supervisor: Vasilyev. Publications: WP108 )

Work Package 2: Natural conditions along the selected routes. (Supervisors: Brestkin & Yulin. Publications: WP121 )

Work Package 3: Potential cargo flow analysis and economic evaluation for the simulation study. (Supervisors: Ivanov & Ramsland. Publications: WP139 , WP140 )

Work Package 4: The Service Ships. (Supervisor: Juurmaa. Publications: WP120 )

Work Package 5: Collection of SA-15 operation data. (Supervisor: Tsoy. Publications: WP107 )

Work Package 6: Ship transit velocity simulation algorithm. (Supervisor: Riska. Publications: WP155 )

Work Package 7: Legal and environmental evaluation for the selected routes. (Supervisors: Semanov & Yakovlev. Publications: WP128 )

Work Package 8: Simulation based on year-tound and seasonal operation scenario. (Supervisor: Kamesaki. Publications: WP164 )


Project 0.1.1: Integration Book Project. (Supervisor: Østreng. Publications: WP167 )