INSROP organisation

The three principal partners are Central Marine Research & Design Institute (CNIIMF), Russia, Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI), Norway; and Ship & Ocean Foundation (SOF), Japan.

More than 350 researchers from 14 countries have been involved in the programme.

The highest official body of INSROP has been the Steering Committee of Sponsors, comprising six representative members elected from the sponsors in Russia, Japan and Norway, respectively.

Under the Steering Committee has been the Joint Research Committee consisting of representatives from the three principal co-operating partners CNIIMF, SOF and FNI, including scientific experts from the three parties' working groups. The Joint Research Committee has drawn up the guidelines for INSROP within the limits of the Programme Description; decided what projects to implement; and finally continuously monitored INSROP from both a scientific and financial perspective.

The INSROP Secretariat has been located at FNI, and has carried out the decisions of the JRC.


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