Importing ASCII polygon features

A polygon feature is characterised by a closed line, whose location and shape is specified by a set of points, and descriptive attributes. The ASCII file may have zero or two header lines. The first headerline must include the ID column name and attribute field names, while the second headerline include the co-ordinate column names. The next lines define the polygon features, where each feature is defined with an attribute line, one co-ordinate line for each point defining the polygon feature, and an 'end-of-feature' line. The attribute line includes the feature ID and other attribute values for the polygon feature. The 'end-of-feature' line just includes the word END in the beginning of the line. After reading this line, INSROP GIS interprets the next line as the attribute line of the next polygon feature. See Example .

To import polygon features from an ASCII file, choose the New Theme from ASCII file menu choice in the View menu in the view window.