Institutions involved in INSROP work

Canada , Denmark , Finland , Italy , Japan , Norway , Russian Federation , Sweden , The Netherlands , United Kingdom , USA


Canadian Maritime Law Association

Environmental Services & Research, Department of Indian Affairs & Northern Development

National Research Council of Canada, Canadian Hydraulics Centre

National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Marine Dynamics

Oceans Institute of Canada

Transport Canada, Marine, Prairie & Northern Region

University of Alberta, Department of Anthropology

University of Ottawa

University of Saskatchewan, Department of Geography

University of Toronto, Department of Political Science


Roskilde University, Department of Geography and International Development Studies


Helsinki University of Technology, Ship Laboratory

Kværner Masa Yards Technology - KMYT

Kværner Masa-Yards Technology - KMYT, Turku


University of Milan, Faculty of Law


Hokkaido Tokai University, Department of Marine Science & Technology

Hokkaido University, Department of Civil Engineering

National Institute of Polar Research, Arctic Environment Research Center

NKK Corporation, Ship & Marine Structure Lab., Tsu Research Laboratories

Ship & Ocean Foundation

Ship & Ocean Foundation, Tsukuba Research Institute

Ship Research Institute, Ministry of Transport

University of Mercantile Marine

University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science

University of Tokyo, Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering


ACTA Consult Ltd

Akvaplan Niva AS

Ålesund College

Alpha Environmental Consultants

Foundation for Research in Economics and Business Administration - SNF

The Fridtjof Nansen Institute

Grid Arendal

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sencing Center - NERSC

Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute - MARINTEK

Norwegian School of Economics and Business

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research - NINA

Norwegian Polar Institute

NORUT Social Science Reseach Ltd


SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering

Synergy Research

University of Oslo

University of Tromsø, Institute of Social Science

University of Tromsø, Norwegian College of Fisheries Science

Russian Federation

All-Russian Institute for Nature Conservation and Reserves - VNII Prirody

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute - AARI

Arctic Research Centre


Central Marine Resarch and Design Institute - CNIIMF

CentreInvest MC

Council for Location of Productive Forces - SOPS

Design and Research Institute for Marine Transport - Lenmorniiproekt

Far Eastern Marine Research Design and Technology Institute

Institute for Evolution and Ecology

Institute of Economics & Industrial Engineering - IEIE

Institute of History, Language and Literature

Institute of Geography - IGAN

Institute for System Studies - ISA RAS

Institute of World Economy & International Relations - IMEMO

International Maritime Law Association

Makarov State Marine Academy - MSMA

Murmansk Shipping Company - MSCO

Musin & Partners

N. Mikluho-Maklay Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

Northern Sea Route Administration - NSRA

Pomor International University

Sea Transport Department, Russian Ministry of Transport

State Oceanographic Institute

Zoological Institute - ZIN


Handelshøgskolan, Kulturgeografi

Swedish Sami Parliament

The Netherlands

University of Utrecht, Faculty of Geographical Sciences

United Kingdom

City University Business School, International Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance

Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Politics & Philosophy

Scott Polar Research Institute

Polar Shipping Ltd.


Dartmouth College, Institute of Arctic Studies

Education Development Center Inc.

OBELISK Hydrocarbons (Alaska) Ltd.

U.S. Army Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory

University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute and Institute of Marine Science