Procedures of publication

When INSROP Discussion Papers have reached the state of readiness where the researchers find publication suitable, the papers must be submitted to the INSROP Secretariat at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute .

It is to be in English of professional standard and indication must be made as to whether it is meant to be a Working Paper or Report.

The FNI Secretariat will forward the document to the appointed reviewer for evaluation and will communicate the result of the evaluation to the researchers. The supervisor of the project is responsible for any revision of the paper that follows the reviewer's comment. Relevant comments must be included in the paper before publication. If a reviewer finds that an INSROP paper is below international professional standards, the case will be put before the Joint Research Committee for a consideration of steps to be taken.

The final version of an INSROP Working Paper or INSROP Report must be submitted to FNI together with a diskette containing the text (and any non-digitised pictures, map and other illustrations). The Secretariat will use a standard format for the publications, including a standard foreword. The publications will be printed at FNI and distributed from there.