Publication and Reviewer policy

The following principles were approved during the Annual Meetings of the Joint Research Committee and the Steering Committee of Sponsors at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute 14-16 March 1994.

General publication policy

All scientific results from INSROP must be documented (in writing). The Secretariat is responsible for such publication, and researchers have to follow the procedures and principles described below.

Although all results will be published by the INSROP Secretariat, research institutions can also publish the results in their own series with proper references as indicated below. Such publication can take place after the results have been published by the INSROP Secretariat.

The INSROP publications will be as uniform as possible. To facilitate this, the INSROP Secretariat provides standard layouts of text to be used by all INSROP authors.

Types of INSROP publications

There are at least 6 types of publications in INSROP to be considered:

INSROP Working Papers - Technical papers, advance papers

INSROP Report - Reports

Articles in international journals

Popular articles


In addition the INSROP Secretariat publishes the INSROP Newsletter on a non-regular basis.

Other publication and reviewing items

Standardised use of logo and foreword

Publishing dates and pricing policy

Principles of reviewing

Procedures of publication