Query or analyze data

While the functions for displaying data handles how the actual data should be displayed, queries and analyses may process the data further to provide derived information. INSROP GIS Queries may e.g. involve a predefined classification of data, or provide statistical figures. INSROP GIS Tools may typically involve more complex processing steps than queries. It is also important to remember that the INSROP GIS queries represent a set of queries tailored to special data sets or data types. Basic queries of the type "What is where?" or "Where is what?" are meant to be answered by using the inherent ArcView thematic or spatial selection, classification and/or display capabilities. However, to get the latitude/longitude coordinates of a location in a projected view, we have added the following View Tool:

INSROP00090000.gif Get the source data location of a point in a view


The following INSROP GIS tools handle spatial data:

INSROP00090000.gif Quality control

INSROP00090000.gif Project Features

INSROP00090000.gif Create Buffer Theme

INSROP00090000.gif Split features

INSROP00090000.gif Convert Points to Polyline

INSROP00090000.gif Convert Polylines to Points

INSROP00090000.gif Convert Polylines to Polygons

INSROP00090000.gif Convert Polygons to Polylines

while the following INSROP GIS tools focus on tabular data:

INSROP00090000.gif Quality control of a table