Standardized use of logo and foreword

For all INSROP publications a standard front page with standardised logos will be used. To make a distinction between publications from each of the four sub-programmes and publications from the INSROP Secretariat the spines of the different publications will have the following colours:

INSROP00090000.gif Sub-programme I: Natural conditions and Ice Navigation: White

INSROP00090000.gif Sub-programme II: Environmental Factors: Blue

INSROP00090000.gif Sub-programme III: Trade and Commercial Shipping Aspects: Red

INSROP00090000.gif Sub-programme IV: Political, Legal and Strategic Factors: Grey

INSROP00090000.gif INSROP Simulation Study: Green

INSROP00090000.gif Publications from the INSROP Secretariat: Black

For the INSROP Working Paper and the INSROP Report a standard foreword explaining what INSROP is (see What is INSROP? ) and listing the INSROP Sponsors (see Sponsors for INSROP) will be used. For parallel publication such forewords will also appear in the publication of the research institution. The INSROP Secretariat will provide updated text to be used on request.