Steering Committee of Sponsors

The highest official body of INSROP is the Steering Committee of Sponsors (SCS), comprising six representative members elected from the sponsors (see Sponsors for INSROP) in Russia, Japan and Norway, respectively. The members are:

Japanese members/representatives

Yohei Sasakawa, Nippon Foundation (1993-1998)

Nobuo Kozu, Ship & Ocean Foundation (1996-1998)

Muneto Shashiki, Ship & Ocean Foundation (1993-1995)

Seishi Fukuyama, Ship & Ocean Foundation (1995-1998)

Yoshiro Iwai, Ship & Ocean Foundation (1993-1994)

Masaru Sakuma, Ship & Ocean Foundation (1994-1996)

Ken-ichi Maruyama, Ship & Ocean Foundation (1996-1998)

Hideyasu Kawai, Ship & Ocean Foundation (1998)

Russian members/representatives

Alexander Granberg, Council for Location of Productive Forces - SOPS (1993-1998)

Nikolai Matushenko, Murmansk Shipping Company (1993-1998)

Nikolai Khvochtchinski, Murmansk Shipping Company (1994-1996)

Norwegian members/representatives

Tove Strand Gerhardsen, Norwegian Research Council (1993-1996)

Karsten Klepsvik, Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1993-1994)

Brit Løvseth, Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1995-1996)

Bernt Bjordal, Norwegian Research Council (1995-1996)

Øivind Roth, Phillips Petroleum Company Norway (1996)

Arnt Magne Rindal, Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1997-1998)

O.B. Røeggen, Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1998)

Karin Refsnes, Norwegian Research Council (1997-1998)

Inger-Ann Ulstein, Norwegian Research Council (1998)

Willy Østreng, The Fridtjof Nansen Institute (1998)