Storage locations of INSROP GIS data

The INSROP GIS database is divided into a set of information topics, and all data sets within each information topic are organised in sub-directories below the proper database information topic sub-directory. To include your own data into your INSROP GIS database you must decide into which information topics your data sets belong. If necessary you may establish a new information topic.

After location the proper information topic database folder, you must decide whether your data set is a new data set or if it may be included into another data set. The latter case is mainly appropriate if your data represents an update, extension or replacement to an existing data set. In most cases we foresee that your own data represents a new data set, in which case you must create a new data set folder for your data.


Data in ARC/INFO format includes an INFO folder in addition to the actual data directories. This INFO folder includes information valid to the ARC/INFO workspace the data set was created from, and it is required to enable ArcView to use these data. You can add ArcView shapefiles to a folder with data in ARC/INFO format, but you cannot combine ARC/INFO data sets from different workspaces (with different INFO directories) into one folder. If you nevertheless want to combine such ARC/INFO data sets into one folder, you must either convert the data sets to ArcView shapefiles (e.g. by using the ARCSHAPE command), thereby skipping the need for the INFO folder, or you must organise the data sets into one ARC/INFO workspace.