Sub-programme I: Natural Conditions and Ice Navigation

The national coordinators of the sub-programme at the final stage of INSROP are:


Hiromitsu Kitagawa, University of Hokkaido


Stig Magnar Løvås, SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering


Vladimir D. Grischenko, AARI

The sub-programme has focused on the following areas:

INSROP00090000.gif 1. Ice navigation and ship technology

INSROP00090000.gif 2. Operational information on natural conditions

INSROP00090000.gif 3. Geographical Information System

INSROP00090000.gif 4. Creation/preparation of data bases on natural conditions along the NSR. Remote sensing.

INSROP00090000.gif 5. Planning and risk assessment

INSROP00090000.gif 6. Forecasting and simulation of natural conditions along the NSR. Ice management.

INSROP00090000.gif 7. Future perspectives.

See INSROP projects to get more information on the project carried out within the sub-programme.