Summary of Working Paper No. 127-1999

I.3.5 Hydrometeorological and Navigational Support for NSR Navigation

By V.D. Grishchenko, V.G. Smirnov, O.S. Deviatayev, Yu.A. Shcherbakov and S.V. Kovachev, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia.

Project I.3.5 Hydrometeorological and navigational support of research and operational goals of INSROP is a logic continuation of Project I.3.4 Information System Development, which was completed at the first stage of INSROP.

The second stage was aimed to test the real use of GIS-technologies in the operational practice of providing support for international shipping along the NSR. The previous stage formulated the major principles for creating the hydrometeorological module of a common INSROP GIS. The requirements for equipping this module and its information and technological content were worked out, including the order of its operation in one common INSROP GIS environment.

The main efforts under the Project were focused on continuing adaptation of the Russian Operational Information System (AARI) to the common INSROP GIS and its transfer to current information technologies, providing access of INSROP participants to two types of operational information composite ice chart and medium-range ice forecasting as well as creating technology for input of data obtained from the aforementioned projects to INSROP GIS.