Summary of Working Paper No. 132-1999

III.01.4 Russian Fertiliser Industry, Potential Cargo Segment for the NSR

By N. Isakov, I. Krupsky, M. Kostenko, L. Alekseeva, T. Maksimova and A. Nikulin, Central Marine Research and Design Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia

The objectives of this project are:

INSROP00090000.gif To estimate the production outputs of mineral fertilizers for individual world regions and economic regions of Russia;

INSROP00090000.gif To estimate the demands for mineral fertilizers in individual countries;

INSROP00090000.gif To determine the export potential of Russia and transport links with the consuming countries;

INSROP00090000.gif To substantiate the cargo flows to be moved mainly through the NSR and to determine the volumes to be recommended for transportation along the NSR during the Arctic navigation season;

INSROP00090000.gif To forward proposals for the development of transport systems and the improvement of mineral fertilizer traffic along the NSR.