Summary of Working Paper No. 166-1999

II.3.10 'INSROP GIS - Data Set and Project Documentation

By O.W. Brude, Alpha Environmental Consultants, Oslo, Norway; and S.M. Løvås, SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway

The report is a complete data documentation of the data sets included in the INSROP GIS database. The data sets in the INSROP GIS database are organised into several topics based on the attributes they contain (See the list below). Each database topic comprises one or more data sets, and within each data set there may be information on a range of parameters/attributes. All data implemented in the INSROP GIS database are in a format ArcView can handle. Either ArcView shapefiles of ARC/INFO coverages for spatial data and dBase or TAB-delimited text files for tabular data. The INSROP GIS database is now approx. 150 Mbyte.

INSROP00090000.gif Base Cartography

INSROP00090000.gif Coastal Zone

INSROP00090000.gif Environmental Impacts

INSROP00090000.gif Environmental Impact Assessment

INSROP00090000.gif Ice and Snow

INSROP00090000.gif Icing on structures at sea

INSROP00090000.gif Indigenous Peoples

INSROP00090000.gif Infrastructure

INSROP00090000.gif Marine Birds

INSROP00090000.gif Marine and Anadromous Fish and Invertebrates

INSROP00090000.gif Marine Mammals

INSROP00090000.gif Meteorology

INSROP00090000.gif Navigation

INSROP00090000.gif Ocean and Rivers

INSROP00090000.gif Administrative Boundaries