Summary of Working Paper No. 27-1995

III.06.1: Northern Sea Route Freight Operations: Survey of Logistic Modelling.

By Sverre Inge Heimdal, Division of Marine Operation, Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute Ltd., Trondheim, and Tor Wergeland Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen, Norway.

The report discusses logistic modelling related to the Northern Sea Route (NSR). Important logistic elements for cargo owners assessing alternative transportation systems are described briefly and are followed by a description of alternative perspectives on logistic modelling depending on who is the decision maker and the time horizon for the analysis.

Alternative regimes of strategic logistic modelling are described in short:

INSROP00090000.gif Preference studies

INSROP00090000.gif Simulation

INSROP00090000.gif Network optimisation

INSROP00090000.gif Socio economic planning tools

The report suggests that if there should be any activity on logistic modelling, simulation of NSR operations will probably be most relevant since other methodological perspectives require data on cargo flows and market potentials compared to other transport alternatives which are regarded as not available.

The next step could be to initiate two or three case studies for factories or potential export facilities within the influence area of the NSR. The studies should go into all necessary details which are necessary to identify the most efficient logistic systems for each unit. Similar studies have been done for Norwegian companies within a short sea shipping perspective and have produced important knowledge and interesting results.