Summary of Working Paper No. 42-1996

I.4.1: Content of Database. Volume 2 1994 Project Work.

By Loly Tsoy and Alexander Baskin, Central Marine Research and Design Institute, St.Petersburg, Sergey Brestkin, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia, et al.

CNIIMF PART: "Database on technical, operational and cost characteristics and ice performance of existing icebreakers of the Russian Arctic fleet

Structure of the information database on technical, operational and cost characteristics and ice performance of Russian icebreakers was developed. Basic data were prepared on 33 operating icebreakers. The information is similar to that developed in 1993-1994 for Russian transport ships of Arctic navigation (Working Paper No. 26 1995).

AARI PART: Database on ice and hydrometeorological conditions

The project aims to create databases on navigation conditions along different segments of the NSR. A great deal of attention has been given to choosing priorities in the preparation of different databases to be used in the interests of INSROP. It is shown that main efforts should be focused on supplementing and adapting the databases available at AARI:

INSROP00090000.gif Shipborne ice observations on the ships motion route;

INSROP00090000.gif Ice thickness measurements and associated characteristics;

INSROP00090000.gif Discontinuities in ice cover;

INSROP00090000.gif Atmospheric pressure.

The Report presents a concept for using the AARIs data for estimating conditions of transit navigation along the NSR and a preliminary classification of these data by their availability and readiness for transfer to investigators under INSROP projects.