Summary of Working Paper No. 70-1996

II.6.2: Environmental and Structural Safety of Ships

By L. Tsoy, S. Karavanov, F. Moreynis and A. Zubkova, Central Marine Research and Design Institute (CNIIMF), St.Petersburg, Russia; and V. Volkov, Krylov Research Institute, Russia

Consideration is given to the sea pollution from tankers of two types: operational pollution in the process of transportation and cargo handling, washing and stripping and accidental pollution resulting from accidents involving loss of the ship s hull integrity.

In the process of this work, the general analysis of ice damages to the hull of tankers navigating in the Arctic along the NSR has been completed.

Accidental oil spills during grounding and collisions of tankers sailing in open water along the NSR are estimated according to the method evolved. The original procedure for probable accidental oil spills during ice damages has been developed and the evaluation of oil outflow from tankers sailing along the NSR has been made.

Requirements for the structural safety of tankers sailing along the NSR from the point of view of preventing pollution are formulated.