The INSROP EIA Extension

Loading the INSROP EIA Extension

Load the INSROP EIA extension by selecting File, Extension and INSROP EIA extension. Remember to have the INSROP GIS extension already loaded into your project.

Depending on your software setup, you might be asked to locate the ArcView Dialog Designer extension. Locate the dialog.avx extension in the Esri/Av_gis*/ArcView/Ext32/ folder.

Depending on your setup, you might also be asked to locate to additional files, ihno.txt and res_kval.txt. Locate these files in the INSROP_GIS/DATABASE/ENVIMPAS/ folder.

Using the INSROP EIA Extension

After you have loaded the INSROP EIA extension into your project, you will find that you have a new view called INSROP EIA and a new button on your buttonbar.

INSROP00000004.gif Pressing this button will give you the Scenario Dialog window.


First, define your scenario by selecting from the four drop-down boxes on top of the dialog. Then, click Update to see the list of VECs that satisfy your criteria. If the VEC list is empty, then no VEC has met your criteria for the given impact factor, potential impact level and month. If there are more than one VEC in the resulting list, then select one VEC and click Update Region and IH list in the bottom left of the dialog. This will show you for which regions the VEC is valid and list the actual impact hypothesis. Select the impact hypothesis and click Show IH to see the description of the impact hypothesis. Finally, click Show Map to show the results on the map in the INSROP EIA view. Click Exit to stop the dialog and return to the view.