INSROP GIS is an ArcView 3.0a Extension. This means that all ArcView 3.x capabilities are available in INSROP GIS. In addition INSROP GIS provides a customised user interface including access to the INSROP GIS hypertext documentation, a set of special options for INSROP purposes, and INSROP GIS layout templates to ease creation of INSROP hardcopy output.

INSROP GIS is developed to provide INSROP projects with the power to visualise, explore, query and analyse geographic INSROP data, and also to enable decision makers to gain easy access to organised INSROP information. Use of INSROP GIS requires basic knowledge on how to use ArcView 3.x.


INSROP GIS is a software concept developed primarily for purposes within the frameworks of the INSROP. How GIS technology is to be introduced, organised and utilised within an institution involved in INSROP is however beyond the scope of the GIS development projects. As INSROP GIS is not a commercial product; any support depends on the financial and temporal frameworks of the INSROP GIS development projects. The INSROP GIS distribution policy is decided by the INSROP partners and is available from the INSROP Secretariat.