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This page contains a list of recent media appearances by FNI, FNI researchers or Polhøgda. Only those media appearances that are accessible through the internet are listed. As for commentary articles ('kronikker') and letters to the editor by FNI researchers, as well as major authorized interviews with FNI researchers, please see the FNI commentary articles page.


'Greenpeace targets Gazprom through Shell in the Arctic', European Energy Review, 14.08.2014.

'China's carbon plans: secrecy and oversupply darken outlook', Reuters, 18.08.2014.

'Rom på Kola' ('Space on the Kola Peninsula'), Dagens Næringsliv/D2, 15.08.2014. In Norwegian.

'Oligarker frykter isolasjon' ('Oligarchs Fear Isolation'), Dagens Næringsliv, 22.07.2014. In Norwegian.

'EU Climate Policy: Industry, Policy Interaction and External Environment' (book review), Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Vol 22, No 2, 11.07.2014.

'Nordic Cooperative Stance Bolstered by Ukraine Crisis', DefenseNews, 10.06.2014.

'Svovelutslippene vil fortsette' ('The Sulphur Emissions Will Continue'), NRK Nordnytt, 04.06.2014. In Norwegian.

'Island er blant de nybakte arktiske statene' ('Iceland Is Among the New Arctic States'), Nordlys, 03.06.2014. In Norwegian.

'Derfor vil de kvitte seg med Thorbjørn Jagland' ('Why They Want to Get Rid of Thorbjørn Jagland'), Aftenposten, 23.05.2014. In Norwegian.

'Nansen uten idealisme?' ('Nansen with no Idealism?'), Dagens Næringsliv, 20.05.2014. In Norwegian.

'Putin reluctant to strike back against US following sanctions', Barents Observer, 30.04.2014.

'Usikker klimapolitikk for EU' ('Uncertain Climate Policies for the EU'), Cicero News, 25.04.2014. In Norwegian.

'Hvordan skal Putin ta Barentshavet tilbake?' ('How should Putin claim the Barents Sea back?') (book review), Norges Forsvar, 22.04.2014. In Norwegian.

'Arktis: Profitjagt sikrer fred men truer befolkning med katastrofe' ('The Arctic: Profit Quest Secures Peace but Threatens Population with Catastrophe'), Ræson, 14.04.2014. In Danish.

'Who Owns the North Pole? Debate Heats Up as Climate Change Transforms Arctic', Bloomberg, 04.04.2014.

'Hillary warns against Russia in Arctic', Barents Observer, 03.04.2014.

'Observations on Norway: Small State, Arctic and Maritime Great Power? The Relationship between Norway and the EU in the High North', Bulletin of International Studies on the Polar Regions, 25.03.2014.

'«Jeg må vel droppe ferien min i Sibir»' ('«I Guess I'll Have to Cancel my Siberian Vacation»'), Nettavisen, 21.03.2014. In Norwegian.

'Krim-krise kan fryse norsk-russisk samarbeid' ('The Crimea Crisis May Freeze Norwegian-Russian Cooperation'), Dagsavisen, 20.03.2014. In Norwegian.

'Ukraine’s impact on Arctic gas development', Alaska Dispatch, 19.03.2014.

'Fish trader fears 20 years of hard work could be ruined', Barents Observer, 17.03.3014.

'Schnelle Hilfe aus dem Norden' ('Swift Help from the North'), Süddeutsche Zeitung, 12.03.2014. In German.

'Gassen er Putins trumfkort' ('Gas Is Putin's Trump Card'), Aftenposten, 07.03.2014. In Norwegian.

'Usikker skjebne for EUs 2030-forslag' ('Uncertain Outcome for EU's 2030 Proposal'), Energi og Klima, 19.02.2014. In Norwegian.

'EU i klimaskvis' ('EU's Climate Squeeze'), Ukeavisen Ledelse, 14.02.2014. In Norwegian.

'Kartlegger virkninger av britisk klimalov' ('Mapping the Effects of British Climate Law'), Energi Norge, 13.02,2014. In Norwegian.

'Ekspert mener verdens største gassfelt til havs kan bli liggende urørt' ('Expert Thinks World's Largest Offshore Gas Field May Be Left Untouched'), E24, 05.02.2014. In Norwegian.

'Ikke bare norsk fisk russerene sier "njet" til' ('The Russians Are Not Only Saying "No" to Norwegian Fish'), Hegnar Online, 04.02.2014. In Norwegian.

'Riski sudokhodstva po Sevmorputi uvelichivayutsya - Norvegiya' ('Risks associated with shipping on the Northern Sea Route are increasing - Norway '), Rusenergy, 30.01.2014. In Russian.

'Taket senkes raskere', ('EU ETS: The Ceiling is Lowered More Quickly'), Morgenbladet, 24.01.2014. In Norwegian.

'Chinese could thaw over the Arctic', Aftenbladet, 22.01.2014.

'Debate on Arctic shipping heats up', BarentsObserver, 20.01.2014.

'Antarctica and the Arctic: A polar primer for the new great game', The Christian Science Monitor, 12.01.2014.

'Regulating biodiversity in India and Nepal', Research Council of Norway News, 10.01.2014.

'Russerne skjærer tenner og snakker om forræderi' ('Russians Speak about Treason'), Nordlys, 08.01.2013. In Norwegian.

'- Vi tar ikke russerne nok på alvor' ('We Don't Take the Russians Seriously Enough'), Fiskeribladet Fiskaren, 06.01.2014. In Norwegian.

'Kald krig i Arktis' (Review of the book "Hvordan skal Putin ta Barentshavet tilbake?"), Dagsavisen/Nye Meninger, 03.01.2014. In Norwegian.


'Torsken stikker til Russland' ('The Cod Runs off to Russia'),, 23.11.2013. In Norwegian.

'EUs kvotemarked og bedriftene: Mer innovasjon, økt klimabevissthet' ('Corporate Responses to the EU ETS: More Innovation, Increased Climate Awareness'), Energi og Klima, 18.12.2013. In Norwegian.

'Torskekvoter med anekdoter' ('Review of the book "Hvordan skal Putin ta Barentshavet tilbake?"'), Aftenposten, 18.12.2013. In Norwegian.

'Forsker: Utslippsmål for biler blir nådd i 2020 tross tysk lobbymakt' ('Researcher: Emission Targets for Cars Will Be Met in 2020 Despite German Lobby Power'), Energi og Klima, 13.12.2013. In Norwegian.

'The Extraordinary Evolution of the Global Gas Industry', Review of Environment, Energy and Economics, 12.12.2013.

'Grand claims of the Arctic kind', The Arctic Journal, 05.12.2013.

'Fedynskyhøyden: Her kan Norge måtte dele gassen med Russland' ('The Fedynsky High: This Is Where Norway May Have to Share Gas with Russia'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 13.11.2013. In Norwegian.

'Russerne tror ikke på klimaendringer' ('The Russians Don't Believe in Climate Change'), CICERO News, 05.11.2013. In Norwegian.

'Karriereintervju' ('Carrier Interview'), Faculty of Humanities News, 24.10.2013. In Norwegian.

'Her er den mest kontroversielle plattformen i Arktis' ('This is the Most Controversial Platform in the Arctic'), E24, 17.10.2013. In Norwegian.

'Slutt for utviklingsministeren' ('No More Minister of Development Cooperation'), Bistandsaktuelt, 16.20.2013. In Norwegian.

'Heikki Holmås blir den siste' ('Heikki Holmås Will Be Norway's Last Minister of Development Cooperation'), NRK, 16.10.2013. In Norwegian.

'Norge står uden udviklingsminister for første gang i 30 år' ('Norway Is Without a Minister of Development Cooperation for the First Time in 30 Years'),, 16.10.2013. In Danish.

'CO2-krav til biler er storpolitisk EU-thriller' ('CO2 Requirements for Cars Are a High-Level EU Thriller'), Energi og Klima, 16.10.2013. In Norwegian.

'Tør Jagland å gi henne fredsprisen?' ('Will Jagland Dare Give the Nobel Peace Prize to Ludmila Alexeyeva?'), Nettavisen, 10.10.2013. In Norwegian.

'Conference in New Delhi analyzes Asia-Arctic linkages', Foreign Policy Blogs, 07.10.2013.

'Hvem rydder op, når katastrofen rammer?' ('Who Cleans up the Arctic when Disaster Strikes?'), Information, 05.10.2013. In Danish.

'Markedet presser russisk industri til modernisering' ('The Market Forces Russian Industry to Modernize'), Research Council of Norway News, 01.10.2013. In Norwegian.

'Contingent Movements Symposium – Maldives Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale', Alcramer, 28.09.2013.

'Venezia: Contingent Movement Symposium', Il Popolo Veneto, 27.09.2013. In Italian.

'Noreg er ein viktig premissleverandør for EUs arktiske politikk' ('Norway is an Important Premise Provider for EU Arctic Policies'). University of Tromsø News, 19.09.2013. In Norwegian.

'K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea established in Tromsø, Norway', K.G. Jebsen Foundation News Release, 19.09.2013.

'Contingent Movements Symposium at the Maldives Pavilion, Venice - 28th & 29th September', E-ArtNow, 19.09.2013.

'The Transnationalization of Global Environmental Governance: Norms and Rules beyond the State' (book review), Transnational Environmental Law, Vol 2, No 2, 10.09.2013, pp. 387-398.

'Ny bok om bønders rettigheter' ('New Book on Farmers' Rights'), Oikos News, 02.09.2013. In Norwegian.

'Researchers have great power in continental shelf battle', ScienceNordic, 23.08.2013.

'Granitsa v Barentsevom more: zhazhda nefti ni pri chyom' ('The Barents Sea Border Has Nothing to Do with Oil Thirst'), Neft' Rossii, 13.08.2013. In Russian.

'Oil hunger not reason for Barents treaty', BarentsObserver, 12.08.2013.

'Access and Benefit Sharing in Relation to Crop Genetic Resources', SAWTEE News, 05.08.2013.

'Forskere har mye makt i sokkelkamp' ('Researchers Have Much Power in Continental Shelf Struggle'),, 04.08.2013. In Norwegian.

'Fortsatt behov for utviklingsminister' ('Still Need for a Minister of International Development Assistance'), Dagsavisen Nye Meninger, 04.07.2013. In Norwegian.

- Maktkamp i Arktis kan ryste grunnen under sokkelregimet ('Arctic Power Struggle May Shake the Foundations of the Continental Shelf Regime'), University of Oslo News, 03.07.2013. In Norwegian.

'Har vi mer å by på enn olje og fisk?' ('Has Norway More to Offer than Oil and Fish?'), Dagbladet, 01.07.2013. In Norwegian.

'Den unevnelige faktoren' ('Feelings: The Unmentionable Factor'), Dagsavisen Nye Meninger, 26.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'Transport: Humpete vei mot CO2-kutt ' ('Transport: A Bumpy Road Towards CO2 Cuts'), Energi og Klima, 21.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'Arctic Holds Boatloads of Shipping Potential',, 20.06.2013.

'Blir han den siste?' ('Will He Be the Last Norwegian Minister of International Development Assistance?'), Bistandsaktuelt, 19.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'Norway brokers more secret talks', Views and News from Norway, 19.06.2013.

'Hemmelig fredsmegling i over 20 konfliktområder' ('Secret Peace Mediation in More Than 20 Conflict Areas'), BT, 18.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'Fredsnasjonen slår til, igjen?' ('The Peace Nation Strikes, Again?'), Aftenposten, 18.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'In Bonn, one advisory group's loss is another's gain', E&E News, 17.06.2013.

'Tror utviklingsministeren blir overflødig' ('Believes the Minister of International Development Assistance Will Become Superflous'), Bistandsaktuelt, 11.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'- Norsk fredsmegling blir alvorlig skadet hvis EUs terrorliste følges' ('- Norwegian Peace Mediation Will Be Seriously Hurt if the EU's Terror List Is to Be Followed'), Aftenposten, 10.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'Hemmelig fredsmegling i over 20 konfliktområder' ('Secret Norwegian Peace Mediation in More than 20 Conflict Areas'), Aftenposten, 10.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'Kritiserer hemmelighold av norsk fredsmekling' ('Researchers Criticise Secrecey over Norwegian Peace Mediation'), VG, 09.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'Vil fjerne utviklingsministerposten' ('Researchers Wants to Remove Post as Minister of International Development'), Bistandsaktuelt, 07.06.2013. In Norwegian.

'Statoil: Vi kan ikke ta over et politisk ansvar' ('Statoil: We Cannot Take Over Political Responsabilities'),, 21.05.2013. In Norwegian.

'Norsk næringsliv i Afrika (CSR)' ('Norwegian Business in Africa (CSR)'),, 16.05.2013. In Norwegian.

'KN: Statoil må gjøre mer for folket' ('Norwegian Church Aid: Statoil Must Do More for the People'), Bistandsaktuelt, 13.05.2013. In Norwegian.

'Le Canada et la Russie arbitres de l’Arctique' (Canada and Russia Judges of the Arctic'), gb times, 13.05.2013. In French.

'China’s observer bid on agenda for upcoming Arctic summit', gb times, 08.05.2013.

'Kan man eie gener?' ('Can Genes Be Owned?'), GENialt, 07.05.2013. In Norwegian.

'China seeks observer status with the Arctic Council', BarentsObserver, 07.05.2013.

'Zuiver zaad of een boevenstreek?' ('Pure Seeds or the Prank of Crooks?'), Foodlog, 24.04.2013. In Dutch.

'Haster å få på plass rammene for skipsfart i Arktis' ('Urgent to Get in Place the Framework for Arctic Shipping'), Norwegian Maritime Authority, 23.04.2013. In Norwegian.

'Global climate deal harder to reach after Doha talks: paper ', Point Carbon, 17.04.2013.

'Establishes Law of the Sea center in Tromsø', Barents Observer, 12.04.2013.

'A "Planetary Boundaries" Straw-Man', Resilience Science, 08.04.2013.

'Putin vryad li budet otbirat' Barentsevo more, Geir Hønneland' ('Putin will hardly take back the Barents Sea, Geir Hønneland'), Nord-News, 09.04.2013. In Russian.

'- De investerte som om de spilte kasino' ('Cyprus: - They Invested as if in a Casino'), E24, 20.03.2014. In Norwegian.

'China pours cash into melting Arctic in bid to win influence', The Guardian, 18.03.2013.

'European Coal Consumption Has Peaked', Aftenbladet, 14.03.2013.

'Kullforbruket i Europa har nådd toppen' ('European Coal Consumption Has Peaked'), Aftenbladet, 13.03.2013. In Norwegian.

'Àolafu·Shilamu·Situokè: Beijí anquán zhìli yu quánqiú hézuò' ('Olav Schram Stokke: Arctic security governance and global cooperation'),, 13.03.2013. In Chinese.

'Are humans really the planet’s top dogs? Geologists will make the final call', grist, 05.03.2013.

'Vi som beveger verda' ('We Who Move the World'), Forskerforum, No 3, 04.03.2013. In Norwegian.

'EUs klimapolitikk ved et veiskille' ('EU Climate Policy at a Crossroads'), Europaportalen, 27.02.2013. In Norwegian.

'Masters of the Anthropocene Boundary', Generation Anthropocene, 26.02.2013.

'Statoil i Wintershall obsuzhdayut vozmozhnost' bureniya skvazhin v rayone morskoy granitsy mezhdu Norvegiey i Rossiey' ('Statoil and Wintershall are discussing the possibility of drilling in the border region between Norway and Russia'), Rusenergy, 21.02.2013. In Russian.

'Deutschland und Norwegen feilen an Energiepartnerschaft' (Germany and Norway Longs for an Energy Partnership'), Business, 20.02.2013. In German.

'Merkel til Oslo for å snakke om energi med Stoltenberg' ('Merkel to Oslo to Talk with Stoltenberg about Energy'), NRK, 20.02.2013. In Norwegian.

'Forsker på asiatisk interesse for Arktis' ('Research on Asian Interest in the Arctic'), RCN News, 13.02.2013. In Norwegian.

'- Russlands opptreden i Arktis blir misforstått' (- Russia's Behaviour in the Arctic Is Misunderstood'), RCN News, 08.02.2013. In Norwegian.

'El mundo se derrite por el Ártico' ('The World is Melting in the Arctic'), El Colombiano, 03.02.2013. In Spanish.

'Borar for miljøet' ('Drilling for the Environment'), Framtida, 30.01.2013. In Norwegian.

'Kitajska pogleduje za naravnimi viri na Arktiki' ('China Looks at the Natural Resources of the Arctic'), Planet Siol, 29.01.2013. In Slovenian.

'Kitajska pogleduje za naravnimi viri na Arktiki' ('The Chinese Seem Eager for Arctic Resources'), Karstas Kommentaras, 29.01.2013. In Lithuanian.

'Arctic Council has tightrope to walk in potential decision to admit China', Alaska Dispatch, 28.01.2013.

'Avblåser arktisk olje- og gassbonaza til havs' ('Cancels Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Bonanza'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 28.01.2013. In Norwegian.

'Guójì shèhuì duì zhongguó tànsuo beijí jingtì youdian guòdù' ('German Media: The International Community's Alertness towards China's Arctic Exploration Is a Bit Excessiv'), Xinghua, 27.01.2013. In Chinese.

'Scientists Debate Whether the Anthropocene Should Be a New Geological Epoch', Eos, Vol 94, No 4, 22.01.2013, pp. 41-42.

'"Nordområda" byr på ein vanskeleg balansegang for Noreg' ('The "High North" Presents a Difficult Balance Act for Norway'), University of Tromsø News, 21.01.2013. In Norwegian.

'Kommende supermakter ser mot nord: Som Kina, så India' (Coming Superpowers Look to the North: India Following China'), Nordlys, 18.01.2013. In Norwegian.

'Klimapolitikken - EUs prestisjeprosjekt' ('Climate Policy - An EU Prestige Project'), CICERO News, 09.01.2013. In Norwegian.

'Mener dette er Norges viktigste fredsprosjekt' ('Thinks the Barents Cooperation is Norway's most Important Peace Project'), NRK Troms og Finnmark, 04.01.2013. In Norwegian.


'Kina forsker og smigrer seg til innflytelse i Arktis' ('China Gains Arctic Influence Through Research and Flattery'), Aftenposten, 28.12.2012. In Norwegian.

'Teff Identity Theft', Sodere, 26.12.2012.

'Politikk mellom to polar' ('Politics Between Two Poles'), University of Tromsø News, 18.12.2012. In Norwegian.

'Spiller stormaktene mot hverandre' ('Plays Great Powers out Against Each Other'), Aftenposten, 08.12.2012. In Norwegian.

'Pozitsya RF na klimatitzeskih peregovorah ostalas' bez izmeneniy' ('Russia's Position in Climate Negotiations Remained Unchanged'), Bellona News, 08.12.2012. In Russian.

'Klimatizeskoye bessoznatel'noye' ('Climatic Unconsciousness'), Kommersant, 07.12.2012. In Russian.

'Russland stellt Wirtschaft über Politik' ('Russia Puts Business Over Politics'), Klimaretter, 07.12.2012. In German.

'Bygger verdens største atomisbryter' ('Russia is buliding the world's largest nuclear icebreaker'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 05.12.2012. In Norwegian.

'Trafikken langs nordlig sjørute og norskekysten' ('Increased traffic on the Northern Sea Route and along the Norwegian coast'), NRK1 Morgennytt, 04.12.2012. In Norwegian

'Vil ha kinesiske investorer hit' ('Wants Chinese Investors to Kirkenes'), NRK Troms & Finnmark, 04.12.2012. In Norwegian.

'Building a Global Carbon Market', International Innovation, 01.12.2012.

'Flukten fra Murmansk' ('Escaping Murmansk'), Syd-Varanger Avis, 29.11.2012. In Norwegian. Page 1. Page 2.

'EU og norsk energipolitikk' ('EU and Norwegian Energy Politics'), NHO News, 29.11.2012. In Norwegian.

'Kina i nord – er vi forberedt?' ('China in the Arctic: Are We Prepared?'), Nordlys, 28.11.2012. In Norwegian.

'Interesser og mulige konflikter i Arktis' (Interests and Possible Conflicts ib the Arctic'), Research Council of Norway News, 28.11.2012. In Norwegian.

'How the TPLF ruling junta gave away Ethiopia’s genetic rights to teff', Ethiopian Review, 28.11.2012.

'Davor Vidas predsjeda novim odborom International Law Association' ('Davor Vidas Chairs a New International Committee of the International Law Association'),, 26.11.2012. In Croatian.

'Ønsker å auksjonere færre klimakvoter' ('EU Commission Wants to Auction Fewer Emission Quotas'), Europaportalen, 23.11.2012. In Norwegian.

'Over 100.000 energi-jobber tapt', ('More than 100,000 Energy Jobs Lost'), Nettverk, 19.10.2012. In Norwegian.

'Palaeontological Association sponsored session at the AGU Fall Meeting on the Anthropocene', The Palaeontology Newsletter, No 81, November 2012, p. 13.

'Grønt batteri det første Merkel spør Stoltenberg om' ('Green Battery the First Thing Merkel Asks Stoltenberg About'), Energi og Klima, 18.10.2012. In Norwegian.

'Coverage of Selected Side Events at the Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 11) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)', Linkages, 12.10.2012.

'A Good Peace—The Fruit of Justice and Truth', Catholic Press Agency, 12.10.2012.

'Multiple ‘access and benefit sharing’ treaties create more confusion than clarity',, 09.10.2012.

'International Environmental Agreements: An Introduction' (book review), International Environmental Agreements, 05.10.2012.

'FCI team visits Murmansk and Kirkenes', FCI News, 02.10.2012.

'Roses for Russland' (Gahr Støre Praised for Russia'), Dagsavisen, 22.09.2012. In Norwegian.

'– Bare politikk kan redde verden' ('– Only Politics Can Save the World'), CICERO News, 21.09.2012. In Norwegian.

'Valencija: zavrsena trodnevna konferencija ESIL-a' ('Valencia: Three-day Conference of the European Society of International Law Concluded'), IUS Info, 19.09.2012. In Croatian.

'Militarisering av oljekapplaupet' ('Militarization of the petroleum race'), Nordlys, 13.09.2012. In Norwegian.

'Kreml mangler klimavisjon' ('The Cremlin Has No Climate Vision'), Klima, No 4, 05.09.2012. In Norwegian.

'The Fridtjof Nansen Institute: Bringing independent knowledge to the Arctic agenda', Arctic Update, No. 1, 01.09.2012.

'Risk managers seeks cooperation and better technology in the Arctic', Stavanger Aftenblad, 30.08.2012.

'Arctic Risk Management Study Released by DNV & FNI', MarineLink, 29.08.2012.

'Olje og gass i Arktis: Må ta risiko i Arktis' ('Oil and Gas in the Arctic: Risks Will Have to Be Taken'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 29.08.2012. In Norwegian.

'Study: Improved Technology Needed to Safely Develop Arctic Resources', Offshore Energy Today, 29.08.2012.

'DNV and FNI Release Arctic Study at ONS', DNV Press Release, 29.08.2012.

'DNV etterlyser samarbeid og bedre teknologi i Arktis' ('DNV Wants Cooperation and Better Technology in the Arctic'), Stavanger Aftenblad, 29.08.2012. In Norwegian.

'New ONS move for key global energy people', Stavanger Aftenblad, 09.08.2012.

'ONS samler verdens energi-topper på Sola' ('ONS Gathers the World's Energy Leaders at Sola'), Stavanger Aftenblad, 09.08.2012. In Norwegian.

'Group finds Russia's role in world climate policy 'peripheral'', ClimateWire, 08.08.2012.

'Lars H. Gulbrandsen: Transnational environmental governance: the emergence and effects of the certification of forests and fisheries Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2010', (book review), International Environmental Agreements, 2012.

'Tromsømann forsøkt vervet som russisk spion' ('Man from Tromsø Attempted Recruited as Russian Spy'), Nordlys, 01.08.2012. In Norwegian.

'Rekabet Kurumu dogal gaz sektörünü arastirdi' ('Competition Authority Investigated the Natural Gas Sector'), Zaman, 31.07.2012. In Turkish.

'FN kan innkreve historisk oljeskatt' 'The UN May Collect Historic Oil Tax'), Dagens Næringsliv, 12.07.2012. In Norwegian.

'Rio+20: Take science seriously and change the process', The Conversation, 21.06.2012.

'Top researcher wants to use globalisation to create climate optimism', Stavanger Aftenblad, 04.06.2012.

'Proverka forumom' ('Test Forum'),, 04.06.2012. In Russian.

'Vil vekke klimaoptimisten med globalisering' ('Wants to Wake up the Climate Optimist with Globalisation'), Stavanger Aftenblad, 04.06.2012. In Norwegian.

'Energiutredningen – Ivaretar flere og konkurrerende hensyn' ('The White Paper on Energy – Attends to Different and Competing Interests'), Research Council of Norway News, 01.06.2011. In Norwegian.

'Transnational Environmental Governance: The Emergence and Effects of the Certification of Forests and Fisheries' (book review), Review of Policy Research, Vol 29, No 3, pp 442-444, 2012.

'Amnesty criticises Statoil over Rosneft deal', Aftenbladet, 14.05.2012.

'Statoil får Rosneft-kritikk' ('Statoil Criticized over Rosneft Deal'), Aftenbladet, 14.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'Ekspert udivlen tem chto Fedinskoye i Tsentral'no-Berentsevskoye mestorozhdeniya poluchila "ENI", a ne "Statoil"' ('Expert surprised that ENI and not Statoil got Fedinskoye and Central-Barents fields'),, 11.05.2012. In Russian.

'Questions Rise over Big Oil Deal', Views and News from Norway, 09.05.2012.

'Plan for å øke bønders rettigheter til genressurser' ('Plan to Increase Farmers' Rights to Genetic Resources'), Skog og Landskap, 08.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'Bønders rettigheter til genressurser' ('Farmers' Rights to Genetic Resources'), News release, Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, 08.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'- Statoil får de minst attraktive delene' ('- Statoil Gets the Least Attractive Parts'), Dagens Næringsliv, 08.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'Ønsker å øke bønders rettigheter til genressurser' ('Norway Wants to Increase Farmers' Rights to Genetic Resources'), Norsk Landbruk, 08.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'Statoils gigantavtale med Rosneft: - Ugunstige og risikable forhold' ('Statoil's Giant Agreement with Rosneft: - Unfavourable and Risky Conditions'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 08.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'- Det er gigantiske leteområder med et gigantisk potensial' ('- Gigantic Acreage with a Gigantic Potential'), E24, 07.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'Norge har militært samarbeid med russisk erkefiende' ('Norway has Military Cooperation with Russian Arch Enemy'), Aftenposten, 26.04.2012. In Norwegian.

'– Media overdriver konflikten i nord' ('Media Exaggerates High North Conflict'), NRK, 18.04.2012. In Norwegian.

'Patentkrig til topps' ('Patent War all the Way to the Supreme Court'), Forskningsetikk, 27.03.2012. In Norwegian.

'Intet kappløp mot Arktis' ('No Race Towards the Arctic'), CICERO News, 28.03.2012. In Norwegian.

'Vil miljøreformere FN' ('UN Environmental Reform Urged'),, 18.03.2012. In Norwegian.

'Navigating the Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance', Earth System Governance News, 16.03.2012.

'Forskere mener FN må forandres for å redde miljøet' ('Researchers Urge the UN to Change to Save Environment'), Nettavisen, 16.03.2012. In Norwegian.

'Fundamental Steps Needed Now in Global Redesign of Earth System Governance', Newswise, 16.03.2012.

'Medlemmer i faggruppe om skipsfart utnevnt' ('Members Appointed to Working Group on Shipping'), Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs news release, 27.02.2012. In Norwegian.

'Aresty rossiyskikh sudov u Shpitsbergena na ruku pogranichnikam' ('Arrests of Russian vessels around Svalbard at the hands of the Border Guard'), B-port, 24.02.2012. In Russian.

'Et radikalt skift' ('Norwegian Electricity Infrastructure: A Radical Shift'), Ny Tid, 24.02.2012. In Norwegian.

'Forskere fra USA vil kjøpe norske hvalkvoter for å sette hvalen fri' ('US Researchers Want to Buy Norwegian Whale Quotas to Set the Whale Free'), NRK, 24.02.2012. In Norwegian.

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