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Barents Sea Resource Management Cooperation Seminar

Barents Sea Resource Management Cooperation(23.11.2005) On 22 November the Fridtjof Nansen Institute held a very well visited seminar to discuss resource management cooperation in the Barents Sea, using the recent Elektron incident as its point of departure.

The main focus was on Norwegian-Russian fishery management cooperation, including discussions on how the potentially large petroleum resources in contested areas influence fishery cooperation and the various countries' positions on jurisdictional questions. The seminar gave special attention to how the resource management cooperation problems are perceived in Russia. More than 50 people participated, the majority representatives of various Norwegian state bodies.

At the seminar, the following four presentations were made by FNI researchers:

   Olav Schram Stokke, Varsom eller føre-var? Ressursforvaltning i omstridt hav.

   Geir Hønneland, Fiskerisamarebidet med Russland i lys av utviklingen i russisk fiskeriforvaltning.

   Jørgen Holten Jørgensen, Russiske oppfatninger av norsk politikk i Fiskevernsonen.

   Arild Moe, Petroleumsinteressene i Barentshavet - hemmer eller fremmer de samarbeidet på fiskerisektoren?

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