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FNI Launches Major Project on Adriatic Sea Issues

The Adriatic Sea(30.06.2006) FNI today launched a four-year (2006-2009) project on the changing legal and policy framework for marine environment protection and resource management in the Adriatic Sea. The project is led at the FNI by Senior Research Fellow Davor Vidas and includes several key academic and research institutions in Croatia. The project is supported by the Research Council of Norway.

The marine and coastal areas and resources, and their sustainable development, are of high importance for both Norway and Croatia. In Croatia, various marine-related issues have in recent years occupied an increasingly important place. To support an informed policy-making and public debate, there is a need for scientific research that can enable both broader thematic scope and inter-disciplinary support to legal and policy studies of marine environmental protection and resource management. That is the purpose of the project "Marine Environment Protection and Resource Management: The Changing Legal and Policy Framework for the Adriatic Sea", to be implemented through a longer-term (2006 to 2009) cooperation between the Fridtjof Nansen Institute and five of the foremost Croatian academic institutions on various aspects of marine studies: the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law; the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law; the Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries in Split; the University of Dubrovnik Institute for Marine and Coastal Research; and the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia.

The overall goal of the project is to analyse and identify key trends in global, regional and national policy and legal developments on maritime uses, marine environmental protection and resource management, primarily related to the Adriatic Sea and Croatia, but also to broader regional Adriatic cooperation; and to offer sound policy and legal options for responding to the challenges involved.

Specific institutional issue-areas studied will embrace new developments in:
   IMO and the Adriatic Sea.
   Marine issues within the EU, both sectoral and integrative, and the Adriatic Sea.
   Regional cooperation on marine environment, including understanding of "the region", and the Adriatic Sea.
   Global and regional fisheries management organizations and the Adriatic Sea.
   Delimitation disputes in the Adriatic Sea, and their impact on marine environmental protection and resource management.

Further information (links):
   Project homepage
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