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Seminar Discusses EU Influence on Norway's Energy Sector

EU seminar at FNI, 16 November 2006(17.11.2006) On 16 November, FNI organized a seminar to discuss how the Norwegian energy sector is influenced by EU energy and climate policies. Speakers included representatives from the European Commission, Norwegian regulators and the industry itself. Results of relevant FNI research were also presented.

Adviser Ragnar Semundseth from the European Commission's Delegation in Oslo started by lining out EU energy and climate policies, and the Union's energy relations with Norway.

FNI Research Fellow Per Ove Eikeland then looked at how EU energy policies have devloped, and outlined perspectives for future developments, while FNI Senior Research Fellow Jørgen Wettestad later made an assessment of EU's greenhouse gas emissions trading system.

There were also a number of presentations looking at the EU's influence on more specific parts of the Norwegian energy sector:
   Energy saving/building regulations (Research Fellow Elin Lerum Boasson, FNI)
   Hydropower (Head of Section Rune Flatby, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate - NVE)
   Renewable energy (Director Ingunn Ettestøl, ENOVA)

Finally, the Managing Director of the Norwegian Electricity Industry Association (EBL), Steinar Bysveen, made an assessment of how the EU influences the Norwegian energy sector as a whole.

Close to 70 people participated, with good representation from state regulators, the energy industry, academia as well as NGOs.

Further information:
   Seminar programme (in Norwegian)
   More about FNI's research on European energy and environmental politics (in English)
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