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FNI Conducts Global Consultations on Farmers' Rights

Photo: G. Ulutuncok(07.07.2010) As part of its Farmers' Rights Project, FNI today starts a process of global consultations on how Farmers' Rights to genetic resources can be fully implemented.

The consultations are starting off with a questionnaire in which farmer organizations and other stakeholders and interested parties world-wide are invited to share their views and relevant national experiences on Farmers' Rights.

The consultations are the result of a decision by the Governing Body of the International Plant Treaty (ITPGRFA) last year, where it requested the Treaty's Secretariat to convene regional workshops to discuss national experiences on the implementation of Farmers’ Rights. The Secretariat has subsequently requested FNI to carry out the consultations.

The results of the process will be presented to the Governing Body of the Plant Treaty at its 4th Session in March 2011, as a basis for its deliberations on promoting the realization of Farmers' Rights at the national level.

For more information, and to download the questionnaire, please see here

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