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FNI Key Partner in New National Centre for Environment-Friendly Energy Research

 Centre for Environment-Friendly Energy Research(16.02.2011) Strategic Challenges in International Climate and Energy Policy (CICEP) is the name of one of three new national social science centres for environment-friendly energy research that were announced yesterday. FNI is a key partner in the centre, which is to enter into an 8-year financing agreement with the Research Council of Norway.

The centre will be led by CICERO - Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo, with FNI and the University of Oslo as main co-partners, and in close cooperation with users and stakeholders within government, business and the civil society. Former University of Oslo Rector Arild Underdal will be director of the centre.

CICEP aims at identifying and shaping international politics and strategies that may promote a transition to low-carbon energy systems. The centre will in particular look at different political alternatives that fulfill basic requirements for economic efficiency and political feasibility. Furthermore, the Centre is to improve our understanding of the consequences of different political alternatives and choices.

FNI will play a broad role in research conducted at the centre, including the key co-ordinating role for a work package focusing on European climate, energy and technology policies, and the opportunities and constraints they create for Norwegian actors.


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   Contact person: Steinar Andresen
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