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FNI Norway's Most Productive Social Science Research Institute in 2010

Fridtjof Nansen Institute(19.01.2012) According to figures released by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) this week, FNI produced more scientific output per researcher in 2010 than any other of Norway's 28 social science research institutes.

In 2007, RCN introduced a system to quantify the volume and quality of scientific research output, in which it gives points to publications that fulfill certain scientific requirements. Key criteria are that the publication shall provide insight hitherto unknown to science, and that the publication shall have gone through a peer review process.

In 2010, FNI researchers published 6 books and 35 articles that met the criteria, earning the institute a total of 70.2 publication points. This represents 2.81 points per researcher man-year. The average for the sector in 2010 was 0.88 points.

Further information:
   RCN's report on Norway's social science research institutes in 2010 (in Norwegian).
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   Contact person:Research Director Geir Hønneland

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