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Selected, ongoing FNI projects (alphabetically listed):
 Biotechnology in Agriculture and Aquaculture – Effects of Intellectual Property Rights in the Food Production Chain.
 Capacity to Govern Climate Mitigation in China and Russia.
 Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in the Anthropocene: Challenges for International Law in the 21st Century.
 Designing Effective Emissions Trading: The Contribution of International Diffusion (ETS-DIFFUSION).
 Designing Knowledge-Based Management Systems for Environmental Governance in Norway.
 Energy Savings – From Regulation to Realisation (ESPARR).
 Environmental Innovation in the Electricity Industry – Explaining Differences across National Industrial Innovation Systems.
 Environmental Rights in Armenia.
 Enzyme Development for Norwegian Biomass (NorZymeD): Mining Norwegian Biodiversity for Seizing Norwegian Opportunities in the Bio-Based Economy
 EU Energy and Climate Package: Causes, Content and Consequences (ECPack)
 Europeanization of Energy-Technological Innovation Systems: Drivers, Consequences and Strategic Challenges for Norway (ETIS)
 Federal Russian Politics: Modernizing Northern Economies (FEDRUP).
 Fundamental Challenges for the Law of the Sea.
 How to Understand Russian Foreign Policy in the High North: Perceptions, Rhetoric, Room for Manoeuvre.
 Innovations in Climate Governance (INOGOV).
 Intellectual Property Rights to Genetic Resources: Prospects for a Sui Generis Path for Developing Countries.
 International Law for an Anthropocene Epoch? Shifting Perspectives in the Law of the Sea, Environmental Law and Genetic Resources Law.
 International Objectives for Adaptation, Access and Benefit Sharing: Effects on the Management of Plant Genetic Resources in India and Nepal.
 Managing Protected Areas in a Time of Internationalization.
 Marine Bioprospecting and Law.
 Nordic Workshop on ABS
 Norwegian Biodiversity Policy in the Interface between European Legislation and Multilateral Environmental Treaties: the Seed Issue.
 Norwegian Polar Politics 1870-2014
 PatentEthics: Ethical Dimensions of Patent Law in Non-human Biotechnology
 Payments for Ecosystem Services in Latin America : Evaluation of PES Cost-Effectiveness in Landscape and Policy Mosaic.
 Post-Agreement Bargaining in the Barents Sea Fisheries: Strategies for Coping with Overfishing.
 Russian Climate Policy: Domestic Dynamics and International Ramifications.
 Social Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries.
 Societal Security in Northern Waters.
 Strategic Challenges in International Climate and Energy Policy (CICEP)
 The Access and Benefit Sharing Research Project.
 The AsiArctic Programme
 The Farmers’ Rights Project: Implementing Farmers' Rights under the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.
 The Individual and the State in Russia (INSTARUSS): Self-Images, Coping Strategies, Civil Society.

Selected, past FNI projects (alphabetically listed):
 Administrative Limitations of China's Climate Mitigation: Players, Policies and the Portfolio (2012).
 Alternatives to the Kyoto-protocol: Possibilities and Consequences (2001-2003).
 Animal Genetic Resources: Legal Regulation of Aspects on Property Rights to Animal Genes, Genetic Resources, Breeding and Related Knowledge (2004-2006).
 Antarctic Treaty System for the 21st Century (2001-2002).
 Arctic Shipping Guidelines: From Voluntary to Mandatory Tool for Environmental Protection and Navigation Safety? (2006-2007).
 Assessment of Russian Barents Sea Cod and Haddock Fisheries (2009-2010).
 Ballast Water Issues for Croatia: Possible Usefulness of Norwegian Experience and Expertise (2004-2005).
 Beyond Access – Implementation of CBD in Developed Countries (2004-2007).
 Bioprospecting in the Antarctic: Exploring Options for the Legal Framework (2005-2008).
 Blueprint for East Asian Energy Efficiency Cooperation (2005-2006).
 Borderland Russians: Identity, Narrative and International Relations (2009-2010).
 Building Capacity for the Clean Development Mechanism in China: CDM Policy Building Support (2004-2006).
 Challenges for the Norwegian Coast Guard in the North (2006-2008).
 China's Climate Change Policy (2009).
 Climate change Altering Nordic Energy Systems (CANES) (2007-2011).
 Climate Change and New Security Threats in the Arctic (2009-2010).
 Conditions for Change in International Climate Policy: The Role of China, the EU and the US (2009-2013).
 Developing and Implementing Advanced Molecular Methods, and Streamlining Access to and Use of Aquaculture Genetic Resources: Carp and Shrimp in India (2008-2013).
 Developing Post-2012 Climate Policy Scenarios (2003-2005).
 Drivers of Change in Circumpolar Tundra Ecosystems (TUNDRA) (2010-2013).
 Environment and Resettlement Politics in China: The Three Gorges Project (1997-2001).
 Environmental Impact Assessment of a Norwegian-Chinese Free Trade Agreement (2010-2011).
 Environmental Labelling, Trade Rules, and Sustainable Management of Forest and Fisheries (2003-2004).
 Environmental Management and Civil Society in Armenia (2005-2008).
 Environmental Policy Integration and Multi-level Governance (EPIGOV) (2006-2009).
 EU Enlargement – Challenges to the Effectiveness of Environmental Policy (2004-2008).
 Evaluation of Need for Legislation on Access and Rights to Forest Genetic Resources in the Nordic Region (2009-2010).
 Evaluation of the Norwegian Children and Youth Council's Democracy Funds (2008).
 Evaluation of the Task Force on Communicable Diseases in the Baltic Sea Region (2002-2005).
 Explaining Different Immunization Coverage, a Multi-Disciplinary Approach (GLOBVAC) (2008-2012).
 Farmers' Rights Related to Agrobiodiversity as a Means of Poverty Alleviation: Strategies of Civil Society Organisations (2007-2012).
 Future of the Antarctic Treaty System (1996-1997).
 Geopolitics in the High North: Climate Change, Energy Development, and Environmental Protection (2008-2013).
 Governing Agrobiodiversity – Inter-regime Conflicts on Plant Genetics and Developing Countries (2000-2008).
 Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) Fishing: Implementing Mechanisms for Jurisdiction, Control end Enforcement (2002-2006).
 Implementing the Climate Regime: Conditions for Effectiveness (2002-2003).
 Implementing the Environmental Protection Regime for the Antarctic (1998-2000).
 Improvement of Biodiversity Management in Dongting Lake, China (2005-2007).
 Institutional Interaction between the EU and International Environmental Agreements (2000-2003).
 Integration of the European Energy Sectors – Investment Strategies of Major Oil and Gas Companies (2003-2005).
 International Antarctic Regime Project (1992-1995).
 International Collaboration in the Arctic (2003-2009).
 International Governance and Fisheries Management – Determining and Explaining the Effectiveness of International Regimes (2002-2009).
 International Health as Foreign Policy (2009-2010).
 International Northern Sea Route Programme (INSROP) (1993-1999).
 Investments in Renewable Energy: Factors Promoting and Hampering the Construction of Wind- Hydro- og Biobased Power (2009-2010).
 Joint Implementation in the CIS: Market, Projects and Barriers (2007-2008).
 Key Actors and the Climate Regime: Lessons and Future Options (2004-2009).
 Liberalisation and Structural Development in North-European Electricity Industries (1997-1999).
 Marine Environment Protection and Resource Management: The Changing Legal and Policy Framework for the Adriatic Sea (2006-2011).
 New Principles and Instruments of Environmental Governance and the Influence of Scientific Input (2005-2008).
 Non-State Global Environmental Governance: The Emergence and Effectiveness of Forest and Fisheries Certification Schemes (2005-2009).
 Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Co-operation 2003-05: An Evaluation (2006-2007).
 Norwegian Agriculture and Fisheries Policies Between International Regimes on Trade and the Environment (2007-2011).
 Norwegian Energy Technology Innovation and Diffusion in a Global Technology Market with International Commitments (2005-2010).
 Oil Companies and the New Petroleum Provinces: Ethics, Business and Politics (2001-2003).
 Parallel Norwegian-Russian Audit Regarding the Management of the Fish Resources of the Barents Sea (2006-2007).
 Pathways to Sustainability: Policy Instruments and Technological Change (2002-2004).
 Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) for the Adriatic Sea (2005-2006).
 Policy Shapers II (2013).
 Reforming the EU Emissions Trading System: Causes and Consequences (2009-2013).
 Regional Cooperation and Marine Pollution in the Adriatic Sea: Developing Effective Measures against Ship-Based Pollution (2007-2009).
 Responding to Climate Change: The Potentials of and Limits to Adaptation in Norway (PLAN) (2007-2012).
 Rhetoric and Realities: Analysing Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe (RARE) (2004-2009).
 Russian and Caspian Energy Developments and Their Implications for Norway and Norwegian Actors (RUSSCASP) (2008-2013).
 Russian Energy and Global Climate: Green Investment Strategies for Co-operation on Climate and Energy (2001-2002).
 Russian Perceptions of and Policy-Making Regarding Svalbard (2002-2004).
 Scenarios for the Development of Barents Russia (2003-2004).
 Sichuan Province Plan on Climate Change Adaptation and Biodiverity Management (2009-2012).
 Stimulating Sustainable Innovation in Aquaculture (2009-2013).
 Strategic Resources and Security in the High North – Challenges for Norway (2007-2013).
 Strategies and Regulations Pertaining to Access to and Legal Protection of Aquatic Genetic Resources (2004-2007).
 The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (2009-2013).
 The Energy Complex and Russian Political and Economic Development (2005-2008).
 The EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Key Conditions and Prospects for Effectiveness (2004-2009).
 The History of the Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission (2005-2007).
 The Pechenga-Nikel Combine 1934-2004 (2004-2013).
 The Role of the UN in Global Environmental Governance: Potential for Increased Effectiveness? (2002-2009).
 The Transformation of Global Environmental Governance: Risks and Opportunities (2008-2012).
 The World Ocean in Globalization: Challenges for Marine Regions (conference) (2008).
 Towards Sustainable and Equitable Bioprospecting in Norway (2004-2007).
 Toxics Diplomacy: Norway in International Cooperation Concerning Hazardous Substances and Trade (2010-2013).
 Transparency in Armenian Environmental Governance (2009-2010).
 Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development (YBICED) (1991-2004).
 Thematically ordered project lists:
    Global environmental governance and law
   Climate change
   Law of the Sea and marine affairs
   Biodiversity and genetic resources
   Arctic and Russian politics
   European energy and environment
   Chinese energy and environment

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